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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You can call me Houdini Dog......sort of

I've decided that I must be a descendant of Houdini. The only problem is, I can't seem to escape my jail urrr crate. Even when mom puts up road blocks, I manage to move the crate, with me in it. I haven't figured out how to actually escape, but I am really good at getting around the house while maintaining my jail sentence.

You see, it started about a week ago. The crate starts out in the kitchen, and I've toured the entire kitchen from inside the crate, so I decided to explore more of the house when the hoomans are away. Last week I made it from the kitchen to the pillow that I lay on when I am out of the crate that is next to the stairway. (Mom here.....I couldn't believe my eyes when I came home and found the crate where it we started to put up road blocks. I didn't want to take any chances of Miss Lillie going down the steps inside the crate. I thought I put up some good roadblocks.)

So yesterday mom had Kendra put a chair in front of the crate. I managed to move the crate AND THE CHAIR to where mom sits at the table. It really wasn't that great of a feat compared to what I did today.

Mom was afraid that I'd tip the chair over and that might be a bigger problem since I'd be home alone, so instead of blocking the crate with the chair, she put the chair in between the love seat and the piano so I wouldn't be able to head for the stair way. OR SO SHE THOUGHT. (Mom again: this dog is making me nervous. I don't know how something so little can move about inside this crate as though it is no big deal. I need all you dog moms and dads to give me any ideas I can to keep this little squirt where she belongs when we are gone. We put the radio on so she has noise. We give her toys. She put KONGS on her christmas list and I was hoping the big man in red would be bringing her some and we could hold off until then, but now I don't know?!)

So I am in trouble again because the tattle tale I will not name. UMH Kendra- oops- Calls mom at work today to tell her I wasn't in the kitchen when she came home from school. I bypassed the chair between the love seat and piano and headed for the other doorway. I went out that doorway, down the hall and headed into mom's room. I stopped just inside the doorway. By then I was so pooped out that I needed a rest. NOW if I could just figure out how to open the door and get out. I'd have it made in the shade oh, yes I would! (Mom: I would have thought that after spending three weeks in the crate when we aren't home that she'd be used to it. It has a comfy blanket to sleep on and toys to chew. Nothing else appears disturbed and it doesn't appear that this little pup has any injuries when we get home. What's a mother to do? Am I being owned by one SPOILED Airedale or what?)

So as you can see, I am up to my normal tricks. Sorry there aren't any pictures today, the camera is temporarily out of commission! Any of you dogs that can help me actually break free, I'd appreciate your assistance. Maybe someone could mail me a key???

Lots of hugs and earscratches,


Myeo said...

Lillie, You are such a strong girl. I guess it must be pretty boring in the crate huh. We are not sure, cos we dont have a crate. Mama says we are spoilt. EVen when she locks us in the room, we will start whining... Err maybe if you mum lock you in a room, would it better?

Boy n Baby

Boo Casanova said...

Lillie, i think you should be staying in the crate where your hooman want you to be! After all, if you bite the wire/cables accidentally, you might get electrocute! (at least that's what my Dad always say to me) so be careful.

to lillie's mom: have you tried put lillie on leash and hook the leash onto something that she won't be able to move around even with her inside the crate? if you wanna try this, make sure the leash is long and she can move around her crate easily. or do you have a yard, maybe she likes roaming around so you can put her in the yard. is it too cold for now?

back to lillie, i still don't understand why you don't like your crate... ok, i can understand that. when i was little, my hooman put me in a play pen too. i learned not to crash the play pen and now the hooman put one side of the play pen to block me from entering the kitchen and i will not crash it down even tho i can if i want to.

please let us know if your mom think of something.

wet wet licks


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Oh Lillie, you little imp!

I love my crate, even though it's getting a little small now. Or I'm getting big, hmm. When mum tried to get me NOT to sleep in it I cried & howled & wouldn't settle. So now I just hop in myself at about 10pm & settle down. And I race in there when they go out. Mainly because I get my Kong!

I have never thought about trying to move it though! You must be a REALLY strong little Aire-pup! I don't want you to hurt yourself little Lillie. Maybe mum could see if Santa could drop a Kong off a little early. I get so engrossed in that, that I have no thought of doing much else apart from having a snooze once I've finally emptied it.

I'll get mum to have a think to see if she can come up with anything.

Oscar x

Deb said...

Wow Lillie, you are one amazing little girl! Momma doesn't know what to tell your mom, 'cause she didn't even know such a thing was possible! You be careful so you don't get hurt, O.K.?!

Your pal,

Sunshade said...

Hmmmm.......Lillie..... I wonder where you got your determination from? Oh wait, you're an Airedale...

Tell me honestly, did your brother Whiskers or the big cat move your crate for you?

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Now cover your eyes, my mum is going to talk to your mom.

Hi Lillie's mom, I wonder if you could put something non-skid, ie, the robber mat people put down in the bathtub, and somehow glue it or use adhesive tape and tape it to the bottom of the crate so that it would make the crate harder to move on floors.

Or, I'm not sure what kind of crate you use, plastic vs. wire, but if you have the plastic one, maybe you could put some books or something heavy on top of the crate. and if you have wire cages, maybe you can put a rock in a bag and tie to the cage corcer from the bottom? To weigh the cage down when she's trying to move the crate? You may need one rock for each corner.

Or, have you tried using an exercise pen? It might just be that Lillie doesn't want to be in a confined space, but if she had a more opened space, she would be ok (with her blankie, toys, and chewies of course)?? Sunshade HATES to be in a confined space, she gets very very sad (no, she doesn't try to move it LOL). Mind you an X-pen would be A LOT easier to move than a crate LOL.

I'm a little worried Lillie is going to hurt herself one of these days...

Sunshade's mum

DogMom said...

Hi Daisie - When I was really little I didn't like my crate. Even tho I call it "jail" now, I like it, really. But what my dogmom did was to cover up all but one side of my crate with a big blanket so I could feel like I was hiding in it. She'd put in a couple of treats and a toy and my blankie and say "nighty night, I'll be right back!" She'd leave and come back -- each time for only a minute longer than the last time. Then, she'd go for a little longer. Eventually, I learned that she was coming back even if it was a long time.
Oh, and I learned how to open the door to the crate, so I didn't have to move it.
Wuf Ya! Gomer
BTW - come visit me and my brother Opie at -- we're MN blog dogs too!

Sunshade said...

Lillie, I have tagged you for the X-mas tag. Come check out my blog and see what you have to do!!

ps. are you having trouble leaving comments on my blog, or is my blog freezing or crashing your computer like it's doing to Bogart?

Love nibbles,
MIss Sunshade

The Army of Four said...

Thank roo for the Christmas card!
The Ao4

Duke and Gidget said...

Hi Lillie, thanks for stopping by our blog the other day. It's great to meet you!
Sorry, we don't have any ideas for your mom on how to get you to stop cruisin in your crate. In fact, we would like to compliment you on getting it all the way into your mom's room. That is quite a feat! Way to go girl!

wally said...


i used to be a magic houdini, too. i had separation anxiety i once got out of my crate, through the unlocked basement door, up on a counter, and out a window, dropped 7 feet and walked a half a mile before i was picked up by a nice beemer--right outside my mawma's building! whew.

i still don't like the jail (or abu ghraib as i call it) but my sister loves it. and what i needed was a sister to hang out with. i hope you found a solution.