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Saturday, August 11, 2007

He's NO doofus! He's Tanner!!!

This Blog is for my boyfriend/husband Tanner. His big brother, Joey likes to call him Doofus, but I tell you he is NO doofus to me! He's MY Tanner!
Noone is going to make fun of MY Tanner! It's just NOT nice! Mom tells me (and the hooman pups) that we must focus on the positive in people, not the negative. There are many good qualities of everypup out there! So what if he slobbers all over when he eats. I slop ALOT when I drink water. Does that make ME a doofus? Mom just wipes off my beard and away I go...... How could anyone call this little face a doofus? Doesn't he look just so cute in his fourth of July shirt? My mom dresses me up sometimes too.
I weigh 61 pounds (or so- mom hasn't weighed me for awhile) I don't look FAT.....and who cares if you have a few extra pounds as long as you are happy. Its just all the MORE to LUV! (and mom says if you get sick you have a little to go off of incase you can't eat).
Another thing we have in common are tennis balls. I love tennis balls and so does Tanner. Isn't he just cute here chewing on his little tennis ball? The other thing we have in common is that we BOTH love to smile! Mom says its nice to smile and I like to smile too and Tanner likes to smile so that is just another thing WE have in common! Mom says there is NO breed standard called DOOFUS so Tanner HAS to be a BOSTON TERROR!! That's another thing we have in common- I am a TERROR too! (Mom: that'd be terrier- but you can terrorize things, your'e right.) So, that's all I have to say about that! Tanner if you are listening/reading I love you just the way you are- DOOFUS or NOT. I prefer to call you Tanner and I think you are the bestes and if they call me Mrs. Tanner Doofus I don't care!

I think you are the mostes cutestest Boston Terrier around. Until next time........
Lillie Valentine

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cloudy Day

Today is a cloudy day. No rain, just clouds. Mom says she wishes it would rain because the crops need it so badly. So yesterday, I like was telling you about the pool and while I was fooling around here with the computer I found these pictures. Here is a picture of a hooman pup in the pool. This was when it was actually up an din running order. The tree that fell, well you can't see it cuz its too dark in the background.

So like this was what our pool looked like in the beginning, then one day we came home from work and found this........We had a small spurt of rain that day but really no winds. Dad looked out the window and what the heck???!? The tree was down. So he had to go empty the pool. Mom didn't get home til later and this is what SHE saw. Dad had managed to move the pool away from the tree after he emptied the water. He had to empty the pool and try and move it a bit because the tree was in it and he was afraid it would get ruined.

These are all the leaves that dad cut off the tree that fell. There sure are alot of them. He poled them right next to where me and Mr. Whiskers play.

This is another picture that mom took that shows the play set. The tree fell on the slide. The play set had been over farther, where the pool is sitting, but dad moved it so we could put the pool there. If we wouldn't have put the pool up the tree would have fallen on the play set!
So today is a lazy day. Mom is at work at the shop, Jordan is playing with a friend, Kendra is doing what ever 13 year old girls do, and dad is cleaning the "cat" room. The "cat" room.....I love that room. That is where the cat sleeps and hides. Plus there is this box in there that has these turds in it......that if mom let me I would send to Miss Sunshade, but dad is constantly cleaning it out so I can't get it there. HUMPH! These hoomans really aren't fun sometimes! O-k so I am getting off the subject. Well, friends, I best get going before someone finds out that I am on the puter unsupervised!!!!

Love ya all!
Lillie Valentine

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I'm finally back and look what my mom puts for the title of my post. "SASSY". I want all of you to know that I am NOT sassy! My mom is MEAN!!! She hasn't let me post FOREVER! First, she was on vacation, and my idea of a vacation is my hoomans being at home WITH ME. BUT NO!! They were running all over the place and me and Mr. Whiskers had to stay home.

We did have a couple fires in our fire pit though- that was fun. Here is a picture of ME guarding our driveway. Its hard work!
The weather has been REALLY hot. Mom keeps the aireconditioner on most of the time cuz otherwise I get overheated.
We did spend a great deal of time outdoors and here I am guarding MY backyard. Dad was busy putting up swimming pool for the hooman pups and I was supervising. The pups didn't get to enjoy it much though- a couple days later a tree fell over in our backyard and guess where it landed?
Right in the pool! That wasn't the only problem my mom and dad had with that pool. Mom would rather I not go into the details as it ticks her off. She said that the tree falling in the pool confirmed her suspicions that OUR family was NOT meant to have a POOL! So, sadly much to the dismay of Kendra and Jordan, Dad put the pool away. Good thing too cuz after dad got that tree cleaned up another part of it fell and it would have been on the pool again!

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Hopefully it won't be so long now in between posts. Mom has been having some issues with her lap top and not being able to access the Internet. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Otherwise I have to go with her to the shop and update my blog and dogs aren't allowed in the shopping complex she is in. Do you know how hard it is to sneak a 61 pound dog into a mall?