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Thursday, February 22, 2007

We interupt this program for an important announcement!

Hello, Everypup!
Mr. Whiskers reporting for Lillie V.
NO.... I didn't hack into her blog. I'm more sophisticated than that!! I must say, tho- that she WASS most impressed with the DOOFUS. UM...I mean Tanner (Sorry Lillie). Tanner, she wants me to tell you that she luvs a take charge kind of guy AND you look gr8t in pink!!!
Anyhow, please don't worry......BUT the Lillie MONSTER had surgery again today. She's alright- and she's HOME. Mom saw to that. Here's the scoop.......
Sorry that there won't be any pictures tonight. (Mom's been kind of uptight over Lillie, and Sunday would have been Daisie Duke's first birthday. She's feeling alittle down right now. But don't tell mom I told you- she'll be o-k).
So here's the scoop....................
Mom took Lillie yesterday to get her toofies checked. No big DEAL, just standard procedure after dental surgery (two weeks ago). The vet tech found another chipped baby toof. No big deal, it wasn't bad and the vet thought mom could just work at wiggling it daily and it would come out. If it wasn't out in one week, she'd need to have it pulled. Then the vet tech for some reason thought maybe she should take another look.....and that is when she noticed trouble...EEEK! another broken toof on the other side, root exposed. " O-K said the vet you have time to see the vet?" Of course we do... we have nothing better than to spend tons of money in this office. (smile)
So anyhow, the vet came in to take a look. At first she thought it might be an adult toof that was chipped. But after further exam, she determined it was a baby toof. The vet said that one had to come out ASAP... Mom started taking Lillie to obedience training so she asked, "tomorrow?" and the vet said yes. The vet also said that they usually don't see stuff like this happen in big dog breeds. She said it can happen in poodles and some other "small" breeds. Mom has no clue what Miss Lillie is getting into. We both get locked in the entry way, and the woodwork and door knobs have been given the once over by mom and they appear alright. I have to admit that I don't really know what she does either because I usually nap for a while in the morning and again in the afternoon, and I AM NOT her babysitter so why would I care what she does?
Lillie should be feeling much better by the weekend and should be able to post again very soon. The hooman pups are really excited because we are under a winter storm watch from Friday to Sunday and we are expecting heavy snow fall. They want a day off from school, and it would be nice to have them home so I could sleep in bed with them in the morning. So, we will just have to see. Dad went out to buy a new shovel since he hasn't had to shovel for a while. Take care everypuppy and thanks for checking in on the Monster!!
Gruff, gruff,
Mr. Whiskers

Oh, and thank-you to fufu for the Chinese New Year card, and Valentines. Lillie will be talking more about them I am sure. I think she has some pictures to show off.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My Week in Review

This was the BEST week ever!! I'll tell you why.......

I helped mom clean Jordan's room....Well, maybe I didn't help her but I was there to help supervise. From his nice comfy bed!
I was still kind of tired from all the playing I had been doing since I was feeling so much better from having surgery. So while mom was busy cleaning his room, I layed down next to Bubba J (Jordan's build-a-bear from New York) and took a little nap.
I went for an early morning car ride. I didn't know why at first. The hooman pup went with. I don't much like car rides, but this one was alright. We only ended up going a few blocks. Mom and the hooman pup left me alone in the car. Where did they go?
Mom came back several minutes later all alone. We sat in the car for a little bit. Then mom took me out of the car and we started to walk.
I wondered where we were going. We walked along the sidewalk.
We were at this funny building. There were lots of hooman pups here and I got really excited. I got so excited that my butt started jiggling. Mom told me we were at Jordan's school. He was giving a speech. The speech was about ME. It was about how to make "ME" sit!! Jordan gave the speech and mom helped him. I did everything I was supposed to and he even gave me some treats. He told me to sit.....and I did! Look what a good girl I am!
Mom was so nervous about Jordan's speech that she forgot to take any pictures inside his classroom. She had the camera and everything, but she forgot. What a silly mom!!
I got something in the mail today. I sniffed at it. It smelled exactly like.....
My friend Bogart! I got a package from my friend Bogart! The hooman pups were so excited. They wanted me to hurry up and open the gift. I just wanted to smell Bogart. He smelled so nice.
I smelled, and smelled, until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to open the present! There was a special valentine message inside.
OF COURSE I'll be your Valentine, Bogart! I opened the package, and inside was the most bootiful chicken breast strip treats ever. Mom had to take them away from me, tho- I can't have anything hard until my mouf and toofies heal. So I will have to wait. DARN. They look great. Mom promised me as soon as the vet said it was o-k for me to start eating regular food she'd let me have one. I spose she's gonna make me share with Mr. Whiskers. Too bad he still has toofies and they are in good shape or mom wouldn't let him have any either.
Mom took the ribbons off the pressie and tied them around my neck. I was so excited to get this gift that I wouldn't even hold still so mom could take a good picture. Sorry, everyone.
Of course, Wednesday was Valentine's Day, and I got so many great wishes from all of my friends from near and far. It was GREAT! Thanks for all the wonderful wishes!
Mom went to Kendra's conferences. She is doing GREAT in school (so is Jordan). She was learning how to blog in math class. Her teacher told mom he learned alot from MY BLOG. She got an "A" on her blog she had to do for class. Way to go Spunky!
Mom took part of today off. She spent time with me and the hooman pups. I was glad to have her home for a little while.
That was my week in review. Thanks for checking on me. I am feeling really good and I think mom would say that I am back to my old self again.

So, that was MY week!! MUAH!!
Sloppy wet kisses to you all!
Lillie Valentine

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's day, and I am thinking of my valentine.......Tanner. He's at his grandparents house and I am here all alone...... Well, except for um, Mr. Whiskers who, by the way is a VERY old man (don't tell him I said that tho).

Oh, Tanner, I was talking to my friend Faya and I asked her to help me say something in French for Valentine's Day. French is so romantic, and since it was Valentine's Day I wanted to say something special to you. I told her my mom took French in Jr. High School, but she didn't get a very good grade..... So here goes, to Tanner, my valentine: Si l'amour a vait un nom, du tiens je ferais don. In English that means: If I had to give love a name, I will give it your name.
Happy Valentine's Day to everypuppy. Big sloppy wet kisses from ME!
Hope all you pups get lots of love and affection from your hoomans! I know I will.

Luv ya, muah!
Lillie Valentine

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My very first Valentine

I got my very first VALENTINE card today in the mail. It came all the way from Arizona, from my friend Tanner, whom I have a huge crush on!I was going to take a picture of the inside of the card, but it is very private what my shmoozypoo wrote to me. So, you all will just have to use your imagination! Thank-You, Tanner, (I wish they'd stop calling you a doofus, you aren't a doofus!) I would LOVE to be your Valentine! You are so thoughtful. (blush) Mom tried to take a picture of me with the card, but I was blushing like crazy so she couldn't get a good shot. Remember, I will ALWAYS be your valentine!!
Love, Lillie Valentine

I'm back! Good as new!

First of all, I want to thank Mr. Whiskers for updating my blog for me! I had my surgeries and I am doing GREAT! As you can see from these pictures. I had three teeth pulled so I have some stitches in my mouf but I am eating good. Mom is giving me special food (soft kind). She keeps telling me I have to settle down, but she doesn't understand how happy I am to be home.
She was really happy to see me, too. As you can see by my pictures, I got a hair cut. It was my first "real" haircut. Because they shaved the underside of my belly for the surgery it looks really short. Mom and everyone at the Pet Hospital says I look so grown up!
Mom was getting really carried away with the camera. I wasn't being very cooperative. She is talking about re-gluing my ears. They look a bit off (or so SHE says). I think it is just the way my head is sitting.
I swear that my mom is as camera crazy as Sunshade's mum. I mean, here she took a picture of me that shows where I was shaved for the surgery. As you can see, I am not looking like a very happy girl.
I finally escaped (mom: so she thought) to behind the couch. BUT NO. she had to take my picture there, too. Can't a girl get any rest? I did just have surgery after all! Thanks for checking on me and for all the get well wishes. I am so glad to be home (mom: and to hog the bed).

Sloppy kisses,
Lillie Valentine

Thursday, February 8, 2007

A message from Mr. Whiskers

Hi All:
Mr. Whiskers here, subbing for the Lillie Valentine. She had her surgery on Tuesday, and came home yesterday. She is resting comfortably, but isn't back to her pilly self yet. She pretty much lays around while mom waits on "her". All the while, ignoring me. I mean, can't a guy get any sympathy? Anyhow, mom says I have to tell you all that the surgery (whatever that is, I wish she'd get it again- I actually had my bed back to myself.....except for dad. If only he would get his own bed and leave me and mom sleep alone in peace). The vet ended up taking three teeth out of the eveil ones mouth, along with the "girl" surgery. She's not allowed to have anything hard, so of course, she gets special food. What do I get? Kibble. Do I get any bones? No, the Lillie monster can't have bones. And, get this......Mom is afraid to put her in the crate, so she has created a pen in the entry way, and I have to be there with her. I get to lay on the hard floor, while "the princess" gets her bed to lay on. The good thing was (according to MOM, not ME), Lillie did behave herself in the entry way and didn't knock the gate down. Now if she would have knocked the gate down, I would have been able to go lay in my comfy cozy hooman's bed. So, folks, that's the update. Thanks for stopping by. I am sure the ever gabby Lillie will be back on line in no time at all. Oh, and by the way, Doofus, um I mean Tanner, she's going to be fine so don't worry yourself sick. I can put her on the next train to AZ if you'd like.
Signing off (oh my gosh, listen to me....this blogging things is getting way out of control),
Mr. Whiskers