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Monday, September 7, 2009


My hooman girl, my bestest friend in the world, who gives me ice cubes (I LOVE ice cubes) and rubs my belly and scratches me and lets me kiss her is 16 today!
Happy Birthday Spunky girl!


I'm currently at the spa, will be home tomorrow. Mom took the kids to Duluth for the weekend, and Whiskers went to mom's auntie's house (she has two annoying Pomerania's). I am too big to go to auntie's (plus I can't stand those annoying poms) so I went to the spa. I will blog again when I get back. Still no kitty.......Its been a week. We've looked EVERYWHERE. Kitty: COME HOME!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Help is here!

So the great detective, Joseph Stains arrived here earlier today......he started to investigate the mystery behind the missing cat........I asked where Tanner was, and was told he is off partying somewhere. HMPH.

We interogatted Mr. Whiskers.......tell me what you did with that darn cat! He claims he doesn't know..... The funny thing is.......I THINK he's telling the truth. He's so old and crotchety what would he do with a CAT? (Plus he is Kendra's favorite since she got him first)

He interoggattedd me too. I say, look at this face.....would this face cat nap a cat? NO way!
So, the sad thing is that Kitty is still missing........Please return her! Send her home! She hasn't eaten in days! The girl is so sad...... I think Joe should interroggatted the stoopid hooman man that let her go outside.....ask HIM where he last saw Kitty!
Here kitty kitty.........
We are so sad here without the kitty............I can't even eat... OK maybe I can. Mom's calling me for din din.
Lillie V

Monday, August 31, 2009

We need Joe Stains detective!!

Ok so I need Joe Stains detective (and his trusty side kick Tan Torkelson)!! We have a serious issue going on here in Sauk Rapids. We've been cat napped! AND I don't mean that some dumb cat is napping. Someone stole my girls Kitty, Sox!!! I think that its a conspearisee because I'm trying to post her picture so Joe Stains knows what she looks like and STOOPID blogger won't let me! I know someone is out to get my kitty and stole her. She couldn't have run away (or could she?) Why would she run away? We LOVE her, SO MUCH!!!

Here's the details:
Last seen: Saturday night- outside with hooman man enjoying nice fire in fire pit. Hooman man thought she came in. Hooman man stoopid (sorry) and didn't pay attention. Kitty didn't come in!
Noticed missing: Sunday afternoon- wondering where is kitty? Searched entire house and no kitty- looked EVERY WHERE still no kitty. Not in Kendra's room (which is a mess) still no kitty! Looked in closets, shook cat food bag, no kitty!
Jordan put out an all cats bulletin in the neighborhood. Went on patrol to see if he could find her with his side kick Josh. NO kitty!
Monday: Still no kitty! Kitty where are you?!
What we do know:
1. She normally doesn't like to be outside, so where did she go? She is the biggest hugest chicken cat in the world. She NEVER goes outside. She is truly an indoor cat. REALLY!
2. I did NOT eat her. I am NOT guilty. I may eat her poo and occasionally her food but I did not eat the Kitty!!
3. Whiskers did not eat her. He is TOO picky and grumpy he doesn't even go by the kitty!
4. Kendra misses the Kitty and is crying.
If you see our Kitty......please return her safe and sound!
Lillie V

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It was a hot one today....... I was dreaming and when I woke up I was in Arizona with MY Tan Torkelson! Sadly, it was just a dream.......But it is hot here today......not the dry hot heat like Tan is used to, but the hot, moist heat of Minnesota! It got to 89 degrees and tomorrow it is supposed to be 92! I'm not used to that! My hoomans turned on the air conditioning so I am nice and cool. Hope you are having a good week and staying cool!!

Love, Lillie V

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm back! Sad story

Hi every pup! I finally got a few minutes on the compooter today.

You see, my mom has been very busy the last few months. Some of you doggies may know that my auntie Laurie had something really bad in her brain...She had two surgeries to try and make it go away. It didn't go away. The last few months my momma has been helping her out, and she wasn't doing good at all. My momma spent lots and lots of time at my auntie's house, and even I got to go over there to see if I could cheer her up. Last Sunday, my auntie went to heaven momma says and momma hopes that she met Beau her doggie at Rainbow Bridge and Jordan hopes that Daisie was at Rainbow Bridge waiting for our Auntie too. My momma she is so sad, and I've been trying to help my momma to not feel so sad. Momma says as soon as things settle down, I can start blogging again. Momma was busy trying to keep a caring bridge site up for my Auntie and that is why I couldn'd do so much blogging. So hopefully I'll be back real soon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day every dog and TANNER!

My mom's still gone. HMPH. I don't know when she will be hoMe. I couldn't even send anY VanEntiNes to my doggie friends or to my husband since I've been abandonneded. So I'm sneaking on here to wish everyone a Happy Heart day.! Mine is beating for Tan Torkelson. Hope yours is beating for someone special too!
Enjoy your day!
Lillie ValentInE

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missing in action.....sorry

Hi everyone:
I know I've been missing for awhile but I can't help it. My mom has been busy with my Auntie Laurie. She has a brain tumor and is having surgery so my mom has been in Rochester and not at home with ME.

HMPH. Noone to chase after or beg from. Noone to hog the bed, or jump on. Noone to LOVE.

Say a prayer for my auntie and when mom gets back I PROMISE I will post again. Mom took some sporting new pictures of me and the hooman pups! I got a haircut and am looking very vogue...........

Love ya'll