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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lillie's home

Hi Everyone! Thanks again for checking on us. This is Lillie's mom. I just want to update quick and will post more when we have time. Lillie came home this afternoon. She is in quite a bit of pain and is very sad. I think she feels better to be at home in her own bed, but it is hard to tell what she needs. She seems very uncomfortable and anxious. Right now we have her on our bed (She let us lift her up there) and she is trying to rest. Occasionally she will cry out as though she is in pain. Sometimes she just whimpers. We'll have to see what tonight brings..... She came home on several medications; an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and a narcotic. We can't give the narcotic (Tramadol) until later this evening and hopefully that will help her rest. Keeping her quiet won't be too difficult tonight. Keeping her comfortable will. I feel so bad, I just don't know what to do. Jordan and I went to Petco this afternoon and got her a new toy. We got some chewies too but the ones we got don't take her long to chew. I need to find her something that will keep her busy. Well, I need to go. Dr. Cal said we need to ice her knee twice a day and its about that time. Her insicion looks very painful. I will take some pictures and post them soon. I just want her to perk up a bit before I do that. Jordan says her leg looks like a chicken leg- its shaved completely from her thigh to ankle. Thanks again for all the well wishes. We really appreciate it.
Lots of belly scratches to all you dogs with blogs.
Amy (Lillie's mom)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update Surgery: Mr. Whiskers reporting

Hi Everyone:
Thank you for all the well wishes for Miss Lillie. It's Mr. Whiskers reporting on the little gimp. Here's the scoop. Lillie left today at 9:30 a.m. for her consultation with Dr. Koluk and hasn't returned. Mom just got home and informed us that they did infact need to do the surgery. She said that Dr. Koluk said that Lillie had a congenital deformity in her knee cap and that is why the patella was luxating (dislocating). It wasn't due to any trauma. The other knee has the same issue but not to the same degree- she probably won't ever need surgery on that knee (paws crossed) but they are going to have to watch it closely. The vet said that if they hadn't fixed the problem early that she would have blown out her ACL. Something with how it was sitting in reference to her knee. (Whatever the heck an ACL is). I don't have all the details but will let mom fill you in later, once she is feeling relaxed. Jordan and Mom went to see Lillie and mom was a little frazzled when she got home. Lillie was not resting alright, but was very anxious. The Vet had to give her some anxiety medicine (NOT MOM, LILLIE!!!) and then she calmed down and was able to relax. The Vet did say that Lillie was able to sleep for several hours. Lillie was pretty uptight and in some pain when mom and Jordan visited. They could hear her crying in the waiting room! The Vet did let her out of her kennel for some loving, but she was very uptight. She really missed mom and Jordan. She was being a cry baby....I mean, she was crying because she was in pain the poor thing! I really do miss her alot and am glad that she is going to be gone tonight......Did I say that? What I meant was I am going to miss her tonight and I can't wait to have her back! Mom will post more tomorrow. The little gimp will be home tomorrow sometime. Then it's back to strict bed rest for six weeks. Thanks for stopping by. Mom will help Lillie update tomorrow, or if she isn't feeling up to it I will let you all know how she is doing.
Mr. Whiskers

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am NOT a gimp!

So here I am relaxing in bed. It's been all I have been able to do lately. I am on STRICT bedrest until further notice. It makes me feel very saddest.

You know that I have had a very sorest back leggy. It isn't getting ANY betterest. Mom took me to the vet last week and they wanted to check my sore leggy and I said NO way man. Leave my sorest leggy alone!! SO, the vet said because my leg was still sore, I needed to see an orthopedic specialist. What the heck is an "Orthopedic Specialist"? Mom said
o-k, and they scheduled my appointment for Wednesday, January 30th.

I sure wish that my leggy wouldn't be so sorest. It is hard work hobbling around on 3 legs. Mom's worried about my good back leg. I can't go for walkies at all and I've gained some wait since I don't get any excercisest. I'm very very SAD........ No walkies no playing with Mr. Whiskers or Jordan. No nothingest.....SIGH.......
Note from Mom:

Lillie's leg isn't improving at all. The vet said the minute you flex it her knee cap dislocates. At home even after the slightest bit of exercise she is hobbling around on three legs. Sometimes she'll go down the steps and sometimes she won't. She isn't supposed to, but it is difficult for me to lift a 70# dog down the steps. She does know how to go down on three legs and I help her when she does that. She seems to be handling things pretty well but she is very quiet. She lays around alot, and looks sad. Sometimes she will get a bit of energy (thanks to the anti-inflammatory meds) but then she ends up paying for it later. She has been sleeping on her bed on the floor, and won't jump up on the bed at all. The only time she gets up on the bed is if someone helps her. The plan right now is for her to see the Orthopedic surgeion on Wednesday. Surgery is planned for 10:00 a.m. unless the orthopedist says we should continue on the same course we are taking now.

Back to Lillie:
So, I say to my friends keep your paws crossed that thingys work out the betterest for me. I don't want to see any orthopoodist or whatever it is. I want them to leavest my leggest alone. I say WHATSSSSUPP..........................Get your hands off me. Can someone come and kidnaps me from my home so I don't have to go back to the vetest on Wednesday? HELP!!!! TANNER!!!! ANYONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIRL GIRL can you come get me in your girl girl mobile???

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday G-Man!!

Today is a very special day, and we are having a PAWTY!! I won't be able to be pawtying too hard because of my sore leg, (mom said NO dancing) but I wanted to take a minute and wish my favoritest hooman BOY pup, Jordan (or as we like to call him G-man) a VERY Happy Birthday. Can you help me by wishing him a Happy Birthday, too?

Jordan is "10" today. We are having a pawty tonight with our family! I can't wait. I told mom I'd be a real good girl cuz my leg is hurt and I promise I won't jump on my Grandma's or my Aunt Laurie OR my Uncle Bill. Mom is busy cleaning the house and getting ready. I sure hope she lets me and Mr. Whiskers have a small bitest of cake, and she is making ROAST BEEF!! I sure hope I can have a tastest of that too!! I know there will be lots of food, fun, and pressies. I can't wait!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Sorry for no pictures but stoopid blogger keeps giving me an error. I will post again later to let you know how the pawty went. Mom said I can post about my sore leg another time because it wouldn't be polite to take over Jordan's post when it is such a special day! Maybe you guys can come to the Pawty too! Mom would be suprised to see all of you and our house is big so everyone would fit!! What do you think?

Love, Lillie

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tagged by MY Tanner!

First of all- Here's Mr. Whiskers with an update about Lillie on day two with rt dislocated knee:
Today was a rough day for Lillie. She is using her hind right leg less and less. Most of the time she holds it up and walks on three legs. Mom is happy about that since she shouldn't be putting any pressure on her injured leg. Mom was concerned that she would try to go up and down the steps, but she seems to know that she isn't supposed to do that either. She finally is sleeping better. She had a rough couple of nights- as did mom! The vet called today to check on Lillie and stressed the importance of keeping Lillie quiet. She wanted to know how she was handling her pain. The pain pills don't seem to be helping much at this time. She is on Rimadyl. The vet said that she could prescrible something else if she needs it too. Right now it hasn't been too hard to keep Lillie quiet- you can tell she doesn't feel good. No more jumping on people or counter surfing. Mom cooked an entire dinner tonight with Lillie in the kitchen with NO jumping!! Hopefully with some much needed rest Lillie will get better very soon!

Tagged by Tanner:
Since I have a sore leg I am dictating this information to my secretary!
  1. If I were another kind of animal what would I be: A Teddy Bear!! I LOVE to snuggle and I am so furry and cute just like a fuzzy teddy bear!
  2. My most favorite song: Girls just wanna have fun. Cuz I LOVE to have fun!!
  3. If I could live anywhere in the world I would live: I like it where I live but I'd like to be able to travel all around the world and visit all my DWB friends. Maybe I'd get an RV so I could drive aroudn the country and live in all sorts of different places and then I could go pick up Tanner and take him with me and we could visit his Aunt Patty since her state is kind of close to my state on the map!
  4. If I were a famous movie star/personality I would be: a girl Scooby Doo because I am always getting myself into interesting situations and I LOVE to eat and I'm pretty good at solving mysteries too. Plus chasing ghosts is really hard work and the hooman pups love ghost stories.
  5. Since I'm not sure what question 5 was I will assume it would be who would you want to be a spokesperson for. I would like to be a spokesperson for the food channel because then I'd get to try out all those good foods that they make and I know that MY Tanner watches the food network! And I love WHATEVER Tanner loves!

    WHAT'S UPPPPPPPPPPPPP??????????????????????????????????(mom:It must be the pain medication)

Monday, January 7, 2008

A very important message from Mr. Whiskers

Hi Everyone:
Its Mr. Whiskers blogging for Lillie. Sorry there are no pictures tonight. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Lillie injured her right hind knee cap and it is dislocated. The GOOD news is she is going to be o-k and she did not tear her ACL. THAT was really good news actually. The Vet told momma that she was pretty sure it was torn. Lillie is on strict rest for the next 10 days. Tonight she is pretty quiet because they had to sedate her to examine her knee, and take x-rays. Plus she is in considerable pain. She has been walking around on three legs. Occasionally she will bare weight on her injured leg. The vet said that if it isn't better in 10 days she is going to need surgery. Mom needs help with ideas on how to keep Lillie quiet. Right now, because of the pain she is pretty low key. She won't go down the stairs and is moving pretty slow. Mom is worried that once she is feeling better (and the pain meds kick in she will want to run around and play. Any suggestions from you friends would be greatly appreciated. Mom will update more tomorrow when Lillie is feeling better. Thanks for checking in on us!
Mr. Whiskers for Lillie