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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So you had a bad day.................

My day started out normal. I got up with the hoomans, they fed me and got ready for work. I napped with the male hooman pup before he had to get up and get ready for school, I went out to the bus stop and waited for the bus. All was fine and dandy until it was time to that horrible crate. My hoomans gave me a big crate- it is nice and roomy. I do not like the crate. Mom had said how proud she was of me because I was behaving so nicely in the big crate. I wasn't traveling all around the house in this crate. That was ah, umh, until today.

Today I decided to ski around the house in the crate, and I got too close to the stairs. I went down one flight of steps to the main entry way to the house. Then I went down another flight (shorter flight this time) to the basement door. I was really scared. It scared the poop right out of me.

When Kendra came home from school she didn't even see that I was at the bottom of the stairs- she went up to the kitchen as usual (I think mom says something about her having a blonde moment) anyhow, she was real scared. I was happy to see her. I jumped all over her. Kendra called mom right away at work and mom called the vet. Mom asked Kendra all these questions about my behavior. Kendra thought I seemed find.

So off to the vet we went. We waited, and waited and waited some more. Finally it was my turn. I was a bit more quiet than normal. The vet checked me over and thought I looked pretty good. That was, until she looked in my mouf. I didn't want her to look in my mouf. My mouf hurt. While I was bouncing around in the crate, I fractured some teef. Now don't worry they are just baby teef- two teef broke off and the pulp is showing. They are very sore. One toof fell out all together. The vet asked mom if she was going to have me spayed (I don't know what that is, it sounds weird). Mom told her yes she was going to have me spayed. The Vet told mom I had to have surgery to remove the broken teef as soon as possible. So, mom scheduled some "surgery" for me next week. I heard her talking to the vet and I didn't really get what they were saying. The Vet told mom to bring me back on Tuesday morning. She said I had to stay over night. I don't want to stay over night. I want to go home wiht my mom. I like sleeping in her bed with her. Anyway, I got some antibiotics for my teef so they don't get infected since they are broken off. I also have medicine so my teef don't hurt.

Mom went and got me some new toys so I have somefing to do when she is at work. I'm not to keen on the Kong. She got me a ball that makes noises when it rolls around. She also got me another type of ball that treats roll out of. I like to share it with Mr. Whiskers.

I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day. I saw Dad take the crate down into the basement. No more going down stairs for me. The hoomans are worried I am going to get hurt. But I am o-k, and mom is really glad.

Sorry that there aren't any pictures today. Mom didn't have time to take any pictures of me. I wasn't being very cooperative for her.

Thanks for stopping by to see me!

Sloppy kisses,
Lille Valentine

Friday, January 26, 2007

These boots were made for walking

Check out these new boots, and MOM, they aren't for walking.....they're for running!! I luv these new boots. Once I get outside, I don't want to go inside. You see, I needed these boots because after it snowed, I couldn't go for a walk. Well, I guess I could go for a walk, but my feet got really cold and then I'd sit down and cry. Mom didn't like me crying so she went out and bought me these boots. Now she can take me for a walk and not worry how long we are outside. Thanks mom for the awesome boots! Now I just need a jacket and goggles (like Sunshade's goggles) then I'll really be stylin'.

A present....for ME!!

Today when the hoomans got home from work, they found this in the mailbox. Its a present all the way from Singapore and it was from Huskee!
I was so excited. I don't normally get gifts and it wasn't even my birfday.
I couldn't wait to open the present. I didn't want to pose for this picture but my mom made me and she said "wait". So I did.
Kendra held the present for me. I was gentle because I didn't want to hurt whatever it was.
Look! Its so cute! Its an Airedale figurine just like me. Thanks Huskee! You are so sweet.! I just love it. Mom put it up so I couldn't get it and break it. She said I have to be gentle.
I had mom take this picture of the figurine before she put it up on the ledge where she keeps all her "pretties" as she calls them. These are the things that she doesn't want anyone to touch. Thanks so much Huskee!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Few Flakes

It snowed today. It hasn't snowed much here in Minnesota this winter, so I was glad to finally be able to play in some snow. It wasn't alot, though. As you can see in the picture, you can still see some brown grass.
You might be wondering who is in this picture with me. That is the scaaawie Kendra in her "Stitch" hat. I don't like that hat, at all. It is very scaaawie. If you don't know who Stitch is, he is this alien dude from Disney. Anyhow, I got out for some exercise which I must say, I needed. Even if my feet did get cold. Mom took a few more videos for you all to watch. She is really getting into the videoing with her camera. So let's take a look!

The next video is me with Kendra playing ball. See how good I am at getting the ball. I was having snow much fun!!

In this next video, I am behaving so good (mom: yah right Lillie, lets let our audience decide)....and being a little stinker too. But you will understand why once you see it. I had to get that evil hat off Kendra's head! She was so frightening with it on!

We really didn't get that much snow, but it was fun to play in it, and as you can see the hooman pups had a blast, too. Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Lillie Valentine

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm going Techno

Well I am back and I must say that thanks to Miss Sunshade I am becoming even more technologically savvy. How'd that grab you? Anyhow, mom has been practicing (and you will be able to tell that this is her first time) on helping me post some video. it is. It is of me and Whiskers playing. Hope you enjoy it! You might want your volume- our house was pretty busy with kids, the computer and TV.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To my Tanner

Tanner......This pictures for you!

Too pooped to Pawty

I am sorry that I haven't been blogging lately. Mom has been busy taking care of the hooman pups. They both have developed some nasty colds. The boy human pup was really sick. He is better now, and its a good thing that our mom is a nurse cuz she knew exactly what to do.
Here are a few pictures of me from the pawty. As you can see, I slept part of the time, and the other part of the time I just hung out with everyone. I had a lot of fun, and there were lots of people at the pawty that would pet me. Granny was there and she really likes me. I always like it when Granny is here.

This is a picture of the pinata. Mom filled it with all sorts of goodies, and the hooman pups hit it with this stick to try and break it open. They had a lot of fun. I did, too. While they were busy trying to break open the pinata, I was busy in the kitchen helping clean off the table.
This is the GREAT gift that Jordan got from Miss Sunshade the Superdeeduperdale, and her mum, Elaine! (that's your name now from Jordan! He thinks anyone that gives him Nascar gifts is the GREATEST. THANK-YOU! MUACH from Jordan!!)
He also got the "Cars" movie, a Nascar calendar, and the movie "Barnyard" You dogs need to check that movie out!! We could really learn something from them farm animals. They know how to pawty. Even more than the hoomans. Watch it and see!
Jordan was so lucky, I hope that when its time for my birthday, I get two cakes. I showed you the cake mom made for Jordan with the "cars" theme. He got this cake for the pawty we had with our family. There were three grandmas, an Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, along with our family at this pawty. It was really fun. Mom made Jordan homemade pizza. It smelled so good. Mom wouldn't let me have any, though. She told our guests that I have a sensitive stomach (whatever, mom!) But, she did give me a piece of this.....
I was busy begging from dad, and he wasn't going to share (obviously, look at him!) so, I went over by mom and she gave me a small taste of the cake. When she turned her back (and her cake was on the table....hee hee you know what happened next) I had a bigger bite!
I hope that when its my birthday that mom will decorate like she did for Jordan's party. Jordan got these funny round things....
They were really fun to play with. I even got to pop one. Ooops sorry, Jordan!
Mom put up this happy birthday banner from "cars".
It was a great party, everyone had fun, and I was really pooped when it was all over with!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Lillie V.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Pretty Grrrl

Since Tanner was such a gentleman the other day, posing for me on his blog (blush), I decided that I'd pose for him on my blog.
I am getting bigger everyday. As you can see, I still have "glued" ears. Soon I will be able to let them down and be natural. Mom says to be patient. It takes us girls a long time to get bootiful.
I don't usually sleep on this bed- I lay here to eat my snacks or in the evening when the family is eating dinner. I get to sleep with the hoomans in their bed at night!! I am such a lucky girl!!

Lillie's my name....trouble's my game

You may remember that I told you that since I can escape my crate, the hoomans have been locking me in the bathroom while they are gone at work.....Well, I have been busy re-finishing the cabinets. This is what I did today while they were gone. I managed to take the front right off the drawer. As you can see, I did a really good job. Mom wasn't too pleased with me, and I heard her and dad talking about bringing the "big" crate in for me. I think I may be in a little bit of trouble.......
That isn't the only thing I did that was bad....the other day, when Kendra was supposed to be watching me while Dad was in the shower, uhm.... I took his glasses and this is what I did to them......
Boy was he mad!! He tried to blame me for doing this. Mom stuck up for me though.....
She pointed out to Dad, that both she and Jordan wear glasses, and I haven't been able to eat their glasses. Mom further pointed out that she and Jordan put their glasses away where I can't get them when they aren't wearing them so I don't eat them. Uhum Dad, if you would have done the same then I wouldn't have been able to eat them. I may be looking for a new home so if anyone is interested in a cute Airedale puppy, I may be available. Tanner, do you think I could come live with you and Joey?? I'll be good, I promise!
Until next time.....
Trouble D, Lillie V

Happy Birthday, Bubba!

Today, is my bestest hooman pup brother, Jordan's 9th Birthday!! Mom made him this awesome cake. I wouldn't leave her alone. I wanted that cake!

He's having a birthday party with his friends from school and Disney's "Cars" is the theme. You can see Lightning McQueen on the cake. Mom decorated it herself. I personally think she did a great job. Jordan was so excited when he saw the cake!! I can't wait to taste it.
This package came this week in the mail. It is for the hooman pup. I wonder what it is? Do you know where it came from? Miss Sunshade, what do you think it is? Do you have ANY idea?? You are such a smart girl I thought maybe that you would know who sent it or what it might be. The hooman pup doesn't know that he got a gift in the mail yet. Shsh...Don't tell him. Its a surprise. He will get to open it tomorrow at his birthday party.
He is so lucky!! Tonight, those eveil hoomans locked me in the bathroom when they went out to eat. Jordan said he wanted to go to Space Aliens. Its this restaurant that has all these aliens and they have all these arcade games. He is so lucky. He gets to party all weekend long. He has parties tomorrow (Saturday) and on Sunday too. I will post more pictures from his party later. It is going to be alot of fun. Mom has been planning all these games and I can't wait to play them!!! I hope that I will be able to help Jordan open up his pressies.

Happy 9th Birthday, Bubba!! We love you.
Your bestes pup,
Lillie V

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Last night.....I had a dream about Doofus AKA Tanner

I know its been a while since I last posted. My mom has been hogging the computer!!! She thinks she has to chat all night with one particular friend she has. I can't imagine what it is that they have to talk about, but CAN THEY TALK!!!! So, the other night while mom was busy chatting away (until 2:00 a.m. ), I was busy sleeping............dreaming............about Tanner, the Boston Terrier!!

Tanner and I really have alot in common. He is so CUTE!! I would trade Whiskers or Sox to his family just so he could come live with me. Anyhow, I just wanted to point out all of the things that Tanner and I have in common........
  1. We are both Terriers
  2. We both annoy our older dog siblings
  3. We are both nicknamed DOOFUS (did you check out my doofus above?!!!)
  4. We are both EXTREMELY cute
  5. We are both loved very much by our hoomans
  6. We both love to play
  7. Need I say more???

If you read his brother Joey's blog, you will see that Joey is always trying to get rid of Tanner. He is always calling him Doofus Face and I feel really sorry for Tanner. Joey seems to pick on him an awful lot! So, Mr. Joey Stains, if you are listening, I've got a deal for you!! Here is a picture of Whiskers (I want you to see what you are going to get), so Joey if you are reading this, I would gladly exchange him for your sweet and lovable Tanner! (I could even throw in the Cat as an added bonus!!!) He is extremely camera shy so it is hard to get a good picture of him. AND Tanner, if you are reading this............I think I have a HUGE crush on you. AND NO I don't want to crush you!!! Since I am growing so quickly, I thought I would share a couple of other really good shots mom took of me. My legs are getting really long. Many of you have asked if my ears are still glued, and they are. They have to stay that way for about four weeks. Today the evil mom re-glued the flap of one of my ears. It was coming undone. She was worried that when I wrestled around with Whiskers the flap would pull at the part that needs to stay glued.
Well, my friends....I've gotta go. The hoomans are heading to the grocery store.....I'm about to be locked in the Bathroom (I can escape my crate!!) Until next time, sending lots of hugs and ear scratches.


Lillie Valentine