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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Crashers? OR Goin' to the Chapel cuz I'm gonna see Tanner's mom and dad get married!

Ruby had the bestest idea! Ruby said that she would get aire ruby ready and take WHOEVER wanted to go to the wedding......urh "crash" the wedding of Joey and my cuterest husband, Tanner's mom and dad! Isn't that a GrEat idEa? They will be so exciterest to have us dogs there cuz we need to make sure that the WeDdinG cake is safe to eat and the other food is safe to eat and that the BeeR is safe to drink!! We wouldn't want the wedding couple to get sick at their specialist day!! SO, if you want to come with us, head on over to Ruby's blog, and let her know you want to join us!! The MOre the MerRier. I can't wait to see my little pooky bear, Tanner!!
Remember, it is proper ediket (what in the world is ediket?) to bring a present to the wedding and I think it would be most appropriate to bring an annOyIng toY for the boyz. That way when the NewLeeWeds want some alone time (have to keep this page family friendly but you get the idea.....) Joey and Tanner can take the annoying toys and pester the NewLeeWeds! So see you soon on AireRuby and we're off to the WeDding of the Year!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back! Finally.....

WHAT'S UPPPPP?????????????????????????????????
Hi Tanner! Hi Everyone! I'm back. My hoomans were gone this weekend and made me go to the kennels and I didn't like it very much! Now I am back and I am so excitederest cuz MY husband, Tanner's mom & dad are getting MARRIED!!! Isn't that great news? Now I can't wait until the big vows get taken but I can't get to Arizona because I don't have a ride but I'd like to wish them well and if I could be there I'd ask Tanner's mom if I could be the flowerest girl, and Tanner could be the ring bearerest. Not like bearering naked but carrying the ring. So I am back and I say to you all WHAT's UP??????????????????????????????????I LUV YOU TANNER!!!!! YOU ARE SO CUTEREST!! I LOVE BOSTON TERRORESTS!! Mr. Whiskers told me to cut the caps cuz that means I'm yelling. SORRY!! I'm just so exciterest that I'm out of that darned kennels and that I'm back home with my family and school will be out soon and the pups will be home with me for the entire summer!!

Later Dudes and Dudettes!
Lillie V