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Monday, August 31, 2009

We need Joe Stains detective!!

Ok so I need Joe Stains detective (and his trusty side kick Tan Torkelson)!! We have a serious issue going on here in Sauk Rapids. We've been cat napped! AND I don't mean that some dumb cat is napping. Someone stole my girls Kitty, Sox!!! I think that its a conspearisee because I'm trying to post her picture so Joe Stains knows what she looks like and STOOPID blogger won't let me! I know someone is out to get my kitty and stole her. She couldn't have run away (or could she?) Why would she run away? We LOVE her, SO MUCH!!!

Here's the details:
Last seen: Saturday night- outside with hooman man enjoying nice fire in fire pit. Hooman man thought she came in. Hooman man stoopid (sorry) and didn't pay attention. Kitty didn't come in!
Noticed missing: Sunday afternoon- wondering where is kitty? Searched entire house and no kitty- looked EVERY WHERE still no kitty. Not in Kendra's room (which is a mess) still no kitty! Looked in closets, shook cat food bag, no kitty!
Jordan put out an all cats bulletin in the neighborhood. Went on patrol to see if he could find her with his side kick Josh. NO kitty!
Monday: Still no kitty! Kitty where are you?!
What we do know:
1. She normally doesn't like to be outside, so where did she go? She is the biggest hugest chicken cat in the world. She NEVER goes outside. She is truly an indoor cat. REALLY!
2. I did NOT eat her. I am NOT guilty. I may eat her poo and occasionally her food but I did not eat the Kitty!!
3. Whiskers did not eat her. He is TOO picky and grumpy he doesn't even go by the kitty!
4. Kendra misses the Kitty and is crying.
If you see our Kitty......please return her safe and sound!
Lillie V