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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My most handsomest husband, Tanner has asked me to talk about some secwets. I'm sposed to tell you three. Problem is I'm sposed to have the pictures to prove them. Yeah right. My most evilist mom hasn't let me blog for over a month! So I am going to try and see if we can come up with three.... I know this post is kinda late since he asked me to confess last week, but since we were behind on blogging, I thought I'd post my most secretest of confessions.

Here are the rules: Make 3 confessions (Conan O'Brien style) with the pictures to prove them. Then nominate at least 3 friends to do the same!
First of all: It was my hooman pups' birthday and I sneaked some of the frosting off the can't really see where it is here in this picture because it is up on the top where it says "happy birthday". I guess I just thought the puppies were soooooo very cootie!!

Second......If I am hungry (which is most of the time) and my EVIIIILLL mom won't feed me, I knock over the food bucket and feed myself. This is what you call a doggie booffet. Notice Mr. Whiskers taking part in my boofet? I'm not so dumberest after all am I Mr. Whiskers???? huh, huh?!?

And lastly.....this picture shows a little bit of what I call "doggie heaven". Its a special place we go to once in a great while if I'm being really good. (We go there about once a week, silly girl!) It is my secret place where I can run off lead and chase rabbits and squirrels and snakes!! Mr. Whiskers comes too and its at my Grandma's house!! While the hoomans work to help Gran take care of the lawn, I run free...........and I come when I'm called and mom tells me what a good girlie I am. I like to go poo there because there are soooo many places! My gran says I don't go at home so I can go at her house!?!!!

Well, that's my three secrets confessions.. Not all that exciting. I wanted to confess my love for mom's hairdryer but I don't have a picture. Its hard for mom to take a picture of herself drying her hair and me loving that dryer up! Oh, and guess what! I had my birfday a couple weeks ago and I am now two!! I got some neat presents from my hoomans I'll have to post about. I got a stuffed flea!!

So now, I'm sposed to have 3 friends give their confeshons so, Maggie & Mitch if you are reading this......and girl girl, how about you???