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Monday, September 7, 2009


My hooman girl, my bestest friend in the world, who gives me ice cubes (I LOVE ice cubes) and rubs my belly and scratches me and lets me kiss her is 16 today!
Happy Birthday Spunky girl!


I'm currently at the spa, will be home tomorrow. Mom took the kids to Duluth for the weekend, and Whiskers went to mom's auntie's house (she has two annoying Pomerania's). I am too big to go to auntie's (plus I can't stand those annoying poms) so I went to the spa. I will blog again when I get back. Still no kitty.......Its been a week. We've looked EVERYWHERE. Kitty: COME HOME!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Help is here!

So the great detective, Joseph Stains arrived here earlier today......he started to investigate the mystery behind the missing cat........I asked where Tanner was, and was told he is off partying somewhere. HMPH.

We interogatted Mr. Whiskers.......tell me what you did with that darn cat! He claims he doesn't know..... The funny thing is.......I THINK he's telling the truth. He's so old and crotchety what would he do with a CAT? (Plus he is Kendra's favorite since she got him first)

He interoggattedd me too. I say, look at this face.....would this face cat nap a cat? NO way!
So, the sad thing is that Kitty is still missing........Please return her! Send her home! She hasn't eaten in days! The girl is so sad...... I think Joe should interroggatted the stoopid hooman man that let her go outside.....ask HIM where he last saw Kitty!
Here kitty kitty.........
We are so sad here without the kitty............I can't even eat... OK maybe I can. Mom's calling me for din din.
Lillie V