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Saturday, January 24, 2009

To my Tan Torkelson!

I got a message from Tan Torkelson a.k.a. Tanner Doofus (but remember he's not really a doofus). He said he' like me to blog since, I hadn't in quite a while, he'd like to see me. Well. HERE I AM!!

Its been pretty cold here in MN. Where we live we have about 24" of SNOW! Last week it was -29 one morning with a windchill of -50!! The hooman pups DIDN'T go to SCHOOL for 2 days. Can you believe it?
Then it warmed up (well sort of) until last when I woke up it was -11 with windchills from -26 to -36!! That is chilly. Right now I am chillin' with Kendra on the bed. She's making her hooman pup friend a birthday gift! I am helping. So I better go and help her finish! Talk to you all SOON! Oh and, I LOVE YOU TAN TORKELSON! I don't care if you have a booty mark on your face. I just hope that your mom doesn't take you back to that MEAN vet person! Maybe you should run away and come visit me. You'll need your parka, though!