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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tanner watches too much HBO and Rhonda his mom doesn't watch her dogson very well AT ALL. I went to his blog and found this picture!
It says he's a PIMP. What the HECK is a pimp? Did he mean he's a PINK because he is wearing a PINK shirt? I don't think my husband is a PIMP.
But since he thinks he's a pimp, then I'm a SEXY GRRLLL. What'd ya say BOYZZZZZ???????????

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hangin' out

This week I've been hangin' out with my people because mom has off from work because the kids have vacation bible school at church in the evening. Its been nice that they are home......Here are some pictures of me before that awwful haiwcut. I was really fuzzy and cute.

This is how I look now....I know alot of people have been wondewing what I look like and if it is really that awwful.
You can decide for yourself.....I'm gonna go stick my head in the sand.......