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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BuZZed..............PART deuce

Well, I've had a few requests to post my post grooming picture, but I just can't get myself to do it. BUT, I do have something to share with you! You remember that girl that Kendra knows that was hurt in that fire pit accident? You all helped me send her lots of love and support and my HUSBAND Tanner asked you guys for a favor and you all came through? Well, they raised over $20,000.00!!! ISN't THAT aMAzing?? That would buy US dogs lots of doggie biscuits, but this money will help Taylor's family with the expenses that they are incurring. Anyhow, the MAYOR of our TOWN, said if they raised at least 20 thowsand doggers I mean dollars he'd SHAVE HIS HEAD!! and so, I bring to you, for your viewing pleasure, the MAYOR getting his head shaved!! and YOU CAN SEE IT! You would rather see Mark, Mayor of Sauk Rapids get his hair buzzed off then see me and how awwful I look. Mayor Campbell is such a great guy! Now, I'm going to go hide~!
Pee Ess: MAYBE I'll post a picture in a few days- maybe in a few days my hair will be grown out.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I can barely even get myself to talk about the following subject. You see, I am SO SO embawwessed about it. On Wednesday, MOM took me for a ride in the caw early in the morning. It was the SECOND trip to the Vet in less than ONE WEEK!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I LUV the vet, but I had NO IDEA what I was getting in to. So Mom dropped me off (tail wagging) and went to work. HOURS passed, and when she came to get me, I did not look the same. The reason why she dropped me off was she wanted the nice lady at the vet (the groomer) to "groom" me. I tried to tell that EVIL lady I did NOT need GROOMING, but she insisted. When mom picked me up she went all gaga over me, but I don't know why? I look AWFUL! I can't even post a picture of myself here. It would be like posing NEWD for PLAYDOG. I am so embawessed that I am going into hiding and I don't know if I ever will come out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Important message!

I have an important message and I hope that you will all take a look at this:

Miss Kendra goes to school with Taylor, and she was burned very severely in a fire pit accident in April. She has had many surgeries and is a very STRONG and DETERMINED young lady! She could be an AIREDALE if she were a DOG!! Anyhow, there is an internet telethon on Wednesday, and if you'd be so kind to check it out and wish her well, that would be GURATE. The lady of MY house, doesn't know how to BLOG and because she can't BLOG my BLOG sometimes stinks like dirty socks. Anyhow, since she is BLOGGER illiterate she doesn't know how to put a link in here that you could just click on, but if you go to you will be able to view the live internet telethon. This will help the family and they will know that there are many people and DOGGIES out there that care about her! Otherwise you can go to and enter taylorstrand and you can read her story. She has a long road ahead of her, but has come a LONG way and is getting better and making ALOT of progress. Please add her to your prayers ! I knew I could count on all of my DOGGIE friends and their hoomans to help us help Taylor's family!! THANK-YOU!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am not a POODLE for DOGS sake !!!!!

I know that I haven't been around lately.....and I'm really sorry. My hoomans went on vacation and sent me to jail (mom: uhm, I think it was rather like a spa, Lillie). I hearded that my husband the handsomest BT on the planet earth was missing me. I miss him too. Can't he please come visit me??? He could have come to see me instead of going to the BEACH!!!!
Anyhow, lately I've been attending several soccer events that my hooman pups participate in. I really love going to the soccer field and watching.......except when I get bonked with the ball!! That happend to me two times tonight!! So, now on to the point of this blog.
I sit at the soccer field with my MOM and I am such a gooderst girlie. I let peoples I don't know and kiddies that I don't know touch and pet me. Most of the time they ask my mom what kind of dog I am and mom will tell them. But for some reason there are some stoopid hoomans out there that seem to think I'm a POODLE!!!! No offense to you poodles out there, but I AM NOT A POODLE!!! I DON'T LOOK LIKE A POODLE! POODLES DO NOT HAVE BRoWN FUR WITH A BLACK SADDLE. Sorry...I was yelling but it irckks the he$$ out of me that people would think that I am a poodle. Yes, I have curly hair. Yes I am big like a standard poodle, but I don't have a poodle head and poodles do not have perfect ears like me or have a square head like me. I tried to tell these people by yelling (try barking) at them that I am an AIREDALE!!!
I am a bootiful, friendly AIREDALE that LOVES to go to the soccer field and be called an AIREDALE!!
That's all for now. I need to go settle down. All this venting makes a girlie really tired.

Tanner if you are out there I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TOO. I will try to be a better blogger but mom hogs the compooter and won't help me blog.
See you next time.......