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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lazy Saturday.......

Today is just a lazy Saturday.....not much happening around here. The weather is great so I get to spend time outside, which I LOVE. I get all muddy and wet. Which I love, then I come into the house and I get everything all muddy and dirty. I don't understand why my mom gets so mad when I drag mud in on my little paws.
Don't you just love this picture of me and the hooman pup, Jordan? He had to hold on to me so I would sit still. I was SO excited that we were having our picture taken together!

I tried to tell mom ENOUGH already! No more PICTURES! I wasn't going to cooperate. As you can see I tried to lay down. Mom was not too thrilled with me not wanting my picture taken.
Can you tell by the look on my face I am telling mom "na-na-na-na-na!!" I am getting to be a BIG girl. Mom put me on the scale, and I weigh 56 lbs. I will be 7 months old on 4-23-07!
Thanks for stopping by to check on me! Still no haircut but I think I am gonna need one soon. I need to be bootiful for the wine, cheese and chat pawty. See ya later!
Lillie Valentine

Year of the dog

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Do you think I need a haircut? 2 entries page down

Mom is talking about that horrible word we dogs don't like......*H*A*I*R*C*U*T*........
so I told mom I was going to take a poll and see what all my friends think. I'd see IF they think I need a haircut. So, since my evil mom doesn't know how to add a poll on my blog, I need all my friends out there to leave a comment on whether or not they think I need a haircut or not. Mom said that she will let our friends decide and if they say I don't need one, then she will drop the subject. Pleez help me. I don't want to go get a bath and be all bootiful. I am cute and cuddly the way it is.

Other news: It snowed today! We got about 4-5"! I was so glad. Mom let me outside to play and roll in the snow. Tonight I am graduating from the first level of obedience training. I am so excited! I did so well. I've been really busy lately and mom says I am a pistol. Whatever that means. I like to get into things and cause lots of trouble. But mom always forgives me cuz I am SO cute!
Until next time......MUAH!
Lillie V.

My Weekend

I was SAD this weekend......Mom and the hooman girl pup, Kendra were gone all weekend long. They left on Friday night to go to St. Peter, Minnesota. Kendra was in a dance competition for Just For Kix. She is a VERY good dancer! Her team took first place in kick, and second place in jazz. They came home late on Saturday, I did get to sleep with mom and I was SOOOOO glad. But then on Sunday they got up early and were gone again ALL DAY! Kendra had another dance competition. This time in St. Cloud. At least it was closer to home. Kendra's team got first in Kick AND in Jazz at this competition. Here is a picture of her ribbons.
Here is a picture from the competition on Saturday. Kendra is smack dab in the middle of the picture! Look at her go!!

So, that was my weekend. Very lonely. Its just not the same when mom's not around. But now she is back and I am so happy!
Thanks for checking on me!
Lillie Valentine