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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I've been tagged by Maggie the bootiful!

My airefriend, Maggie the bootiful tagged me! She says I need to tell you eight things about me that you don't already know. But first I have to share this GREAT picture of my big brother, Mr. Whiskers. Its a great picture. It shows his true personality and he is smiling. He doesn't like to have his picture taken but this time he didn't know because we were outside and there was no flash!! He was happy because we were at our grandma's house out in the country and he can run loose and chase birds and squirrels! We can't run loose at our house. He gets in too much trouble protecting the hooman pups. Mom and dad have to tie him up at home.

The first thing I need to tell you that you don't yet know, is that I no longer look like this.........I got my hair cut!

This is what I look like now!!

The SECOND thing you don't know about me is that I sleep on the floor in my mom's room, and not up on the bed. I used to sleep in bed with her, but now I'd rather sleep on the floor. Whiskers shares the bed with my mom and dad. When I was a tiny pup I slept with them but I am a big girl (and very independent, I might add) so I don't need their bed.

Number three: I hate to ride in the car. Mom takes me for short rides but I really don't like it. I want to sit on mom's lap while she is driving and mom won't let me. I can't understand WHY I can't sit on her lap when she is driving the airedale taxi.

Four........I love to chew on plastic drinking cups. But first I have to empty them. Either by tipping them over and drinking it or just drinking out of it and then taking it.

Five: I don't bark very much. My big brother Mr. Whiskers barks alot. Mom is really glad that I am pretty quiet. She likes the fact that I really only bark to go outside to go potty.

Six: I love to get into things I am not supposed to. Things like the fridge when the hoomans open it, or taking the lid off of the wooden garbage can and getting into the garbage and making a mess. Mr. Whiskers can't even do that, and I tell you I do good work. Garbage work that is.

Seven: I love brocolli and carrots- raw of course. But I'm not picky. I eat most people food. I like to steal people food from people!

AND NUMBER Eight........................(drum roll please!)

You all know that I LOVE Tanner Doofus, but before that I really had a crush on Mr. Joe Stains!! But then I found out how he doesn't like girls and then I had a dream about Tanner, and I just love Tanner, but you guys know that. AND I also have a secret crush on Jaffa. He's sooooo cute! I guess I can say that since I think Tanner has a new girl friend named Teka and I don't think he luvs me anymore and that makes me so sad cuz I really love that Tanner Doofus.So there you have it......EIGHT things you didn't know about me but now you do! Now I am going to tag Jaffadale, Tanner and Joe Stains. Thanks for checking on me and sorry that I haven't blogged lately! I will try to post more often, and if mom won't let me I will bite her in the butt!
Lillie Valentine