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Monday, December 31, 2007

We will We will ROCK YOU!!

The hooman pups pooled there Christmas $$ together (since Santa didn't bring it) and bought a play station 2. Then, Kendra, using her most cute little smile and girly girl attitude begged mom for this. Now, our house IS rockin'!! Its the only thing that the hoomans do is play this fake guitar game trying to unlock songs to play. Do you know how many times I've heard mom play Foghat's "Slow Ride"? Like I think if they gave ME the guitar I could play it. The smallest pup, Jordan gets upset because he isn't so great at the game, but mom thinks its good they FINALLY invented a video game that she can 1. Play and 2. beat the hooman pups in!!
Here is a picture of Kendra rocking out. Mom accidently cut her head off. She even battled Slash and WON!!! ME? I''d rather just lie here and chew my bone. Rock On!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking back, at one CUTE airedale! (That's me, that's me!!)

Mom was looking through some old picture files on her compooter today and came across some pictures of MUAH over this past year. She got all goofy and teary eyed. She told me not to worry because she was only remonissing. What the heck is "remonissing"? She explained that it was just looking back and memories that made her happy. Here is a picture of me shortly after I had my ears glued. I look so small there compared to now.
Mom was trying to figure out just what I was doing in this picture and to tell you the truth I can't even remember. At first I thought it was that I was tied up in my usual spot, but I don't think that is the case. It looks as though I am chewing on something. I probably am and it probably was something I wasn't supposed to chew on!!
This is a very recent picture of what I am looking like. You can see that my hair is getting fluffy and I'm sure soon I will need a booty treatment.



Thanks for stopping by and taking a walk with mom down memory lane. Me, myself would like to go for a walk outside. Forget about all this memory and remonissing. I'd prefer to forget that I looked like I did back then. I look so much better all growed up!! Tanner did you see me? How cute I look now???
MUAH! Lillie V

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Relaxing....................

With all the excitement of the Christmas Holiday we are pooped out! We spent much of the last few days looking like this and recharging our batteries. Mom got this pawesome picture of Mr. Whiskers. He was O-U-T! I think his sore ears caught up with him. He spent ALOT of time sleeping.

and as you can see, so did I!!
We were exhausted from all the food, drink, presents, and partying!!
Now that our batteries are recharged we are READY for round two and will be getting our dancing shoes on to celebrate NEW YEAR'S EVE!!

I must say its been great having the hoomans home with us. They will be off work for a few more days so I am sure mom will let me post again real soon! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birfday Mr. Whiskers, Santa came, I was GOOOOOOD!

First of all, I need to wish a Happy Birfday to my BIG brother, Mr. Whiskers. He doesn't like the camera so I don't have a picture of him. Also, he is not feeling good. He had to go to the VET on HIS birfday. He was scratching his ears and they were really sore and red and nasty in there so mom had to take him in and he has a really bad ears infection. We didn't celebrate with him yet because he wasn't feeling good, and with all the OTHER celebratingins that the hoomans were doing we have to wait. I say HMPH no birfday cake. He says, its o-k I am 13 and REALLY feeling old.

We opened some pressies today. Santa came, and brought the hooman pups Lots of pressies. Me and Mr. Whiskers gots some pressies too.
Last night, they got pressies as well. From my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Bill. Aunt Laurie didn't bring ME any pressies though. I really love my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Bill but mom made me stay on the leash because my Grandma and Greatest Aunt was there and I get too excited and then I be naughty and jump and I's a really big girlie and mom is afraid I will knock them down. I needs to be much nicer when we have company but I gets so excited! People are at my house to visits me!! So, I told mom I'd be a good girl and be nice on the leash. And of course, I was!

Guess who took these next pictures. While mom wasn't looking of course!

JORDAN!! He was taking pictures and how do you like the one he took of himself and then of my feets?? HAHAHAHA silly boy. Now, on to the pressies! Jordan is a BIG Viking fan, even though I don't think they played very well on Sunday night.
Jordan got this cool Vikings mug. He can't wait to drink out of it. He got it from his Grandma Cheryl. She is so good.
Dad got one too. Here they are posing with their mugs.
Jordan got all this cool vikings wear. He got a vikings santa hat, a Adrian Peterson shirt that you can't see because it is under his cool Vikings sweatshirt. There is that mug. I think I might like to drink out of that mug! I might get it when it is in the sink!
Here is me opening MY Pressie from Santa. I got some toys and stuff in my stocking. I got some chewies and a ball, and a snowman, and a tennis ball bone.
Did you know that Dale elf's make treats? They do, they do! and their baked NOT fried. haha. Take a look here and see these Dale elf treats I got from Santa Paws.
Merry Christmas everypup! Hope you all got lots of nice pressies from Santa! I told Jordan I knew there was a Santa and he even believes it now!! He got some cool pressies from Santa. I will have to blog about that later. Mom says my compooter time is up. Thanks for visiting! Love ya!
HELP! I've turned into an elf. What happend to my ears?????

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas everypup!

Merry Christmas to everypup and their families from our home to yours!

I just LUV this time of year! Its Christmas vacation. My hooman pups are home from school and my mom and dad are off until after the New Year!! Me and Mr. Whiskers won't be home alone during the day for a LONG time!! Mom was so glad yesterday when her boss told her she could leave early, and we could start our vacation early!!

I know that it has been awhile (a LONG while) since I posted but my mom has been VERY busy and won't allow any unsupervised compooter time. I am hoping that she will let me post since she will be home for awhile now!

We want to thank everypup for all the pawesome Christmas cards we have received!! Mom has been working really hard on getting ours out and I am happy to say she is almost finished. She usually is quite on the ball, I'm not sure what happend. Your cards should be coming very soon!

I am hoping that Santa Paws comes to our house and your house too! My hooman pup Jordan doesn't think he's real and that makes me really sad because you know what that means, NO PRESSIES!! Mom told him IF he believes, then Santa will come and ME and KENDRA told mom we believes so we are hoping for LOTS and LOTS of good pressies. We have been really goodess and deserves lots and lots. I told mom that even though I like to undecorate the tree that I am a goodess girl. I can't help it, I think the decorations are the prettierist and I like to rearrange them!
Thanks so much for visiting us and Merry Christmas and Iwill post again VERY soon!!

Love ya lots, and be good- only a few more days until Santa comes....................

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HURRAY, I'm ONE Today!!

Today I woke up and my hooman pups said "Happy Birthday, Lillie"! I wasn't sure what that meant, or what was in store for me, but I knew that Tanner just had one and he got lots of pressies., in the mail, on MY BIRTHDAY, I got a pressie from girl girl in Singapore. THANK-YOU Girl Girl!!
I got a NEW bandanna, and girl girl sent this cute luving lionel to Kendra for HER birthday. How cool is that? I thought the lionel was to eat though, and I stole it on her and mom had to get it away from me. It came with this cute little pin that Kendra put on her back pack. THANK-YOU from Kendra! She took them to school and her friends really thought it was COOL.

Here is a picture of me (looking rather doofussy) in my new bandanna. Kendra thought I should go for the "Brett Michael's of Poison" look. She said all I need is a cowboy hat. I say NO THANK YOU~!
Many of you are probably wondering if I got a cake or not. The answer is, well, no. My hooman's got these cupcakes but I couldn't have it because they were marble and you all know that we dogs can't have chocolate. I really wanted that cupcake, and you can tell from this picture. I am NOT as well behaved as Sunshade and Jaffa. I didn't want to let that nummy cupcake teasing me. They weren't not going to give that cupcake to me!!! HMPH!

This was all the closer I would allow that cupcake. I will let you know, that mom DID let me have the yellow frosting from the cupcake. Then, as a good airegirl, I let Jordan eat the cake!
If you can tell by this picture, I was trying to get that cupcake from Kendra. It didn't work, though.
I also got this cool pressie from my hooman pup sibs. Here is Kendra giving me the gift. It is a stuffie. It is a stuffed Chinese take out box. I love it!!
So, that was MY day. It was really special and now I can say I AM ONE!! YEAH!!! Thanks for everyone wishing me a happy birthday and helping me make my day a special one!!
Thanks for stopping by- and thanks again girl girl for the gift gifts! They are great great!!
Pee Ess: If I don't update my blog for awhile its because my mom has to have surgery tomorrow. She's going to be o-k so don't worry. She doesn't have to stay in the hospital or anything. She'll be home with me for a about a week so maybe she'll let me go on the computer and have some supervised time.
Lillie Valentine

Friday, September 21, 2007

Merci, Faya! I got my first barkday pressie!!

Hi Everypup! Mom has been talking about this very special day that is coming up soon. It happened shortly after Kendra's birthday last year. I am confused as to what it is exactly, but I am catching on quick. It seems that my husband TANNER (not doofus) just had one last week, and of course, you know Kendra had one too on the 7th. Then, to my SURPRISE, the postman brought me THIS package.

It traveled a very long way. I'll be honest, it didn't look like this when the postman brought it. I probably shouldn't call her a postman I should call her a postwoman because our post person is a SHE. Anyhow, dad said I HAD TO WAIT until MOM got home...... HMPH. I said. He put this lovely package on the counter, and when he turned his back, I took it.
AFTER had MY name on it. I could smell that it came from a wonderful DALE. It came all the way from Switzerland, from my friendale FAYA!!! Thank-you, Merci, Merci!!! (mom took french in Jr. high but she didn't do very well, she did, however remember how to properly say "thank-you".
I wanted to open it so badly, but dad said "NO!" I thought there must be something very good smelling in it, and I was right cuz when mom got home I ripped that package right open. (mom: She didn't need much help- she had it open most of the way by the time I got home from work).

There was this great card, with a picture of my friendale in it. Isn't she pretty?? It was hand made and everything!
It wishes me a happy birthday!! That is what mom was talking about- that special day! She tells me it is just a couple of days away and I will be "1"! My very first barkday with my family. I hope that I get lots of love and pressies from my family.......AND do you think I'll get a cake like Kendra did??? Do you? Do you? I can't wait. Sorry....I got side tracked thinking about my special day. Sometimes I do that.....Back to my pressie from Faya.

I got this cool birdie toy. It was great. You can't see it very well cuz once I took ahold of it I wouldn't share it OR let anyone see it!! MINE! MINE! Thank-you, I LOVE IT!
Then there were these treats. They are shaped like sausages and they are nummy. Mom made me share with Mr. Whiskers, and she said I can't have too many or I might get a tummy ache. They are very tasty!!
There was more, too! A cool bandanna. Its blue and I can't wait for mom to try it on me.
Thank-You FAYA for the wonderful 1st barkday pressie. I didn't even know it was my barkday until I got this. It was so sweet of you! I can't wait to see what OTHER surprises await me.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Special Birthday!

Tomorrow (Friday, September 7th) is a very special day!!

No, it's not MY birthday (although I wish it were. What is a birthday? Mom says mine is coming soon 9-25-07.

No, I didn't win the miss amaireica contest.

It is my hooman pups birthday!! I want to take this moment to wish Miss Spunky Kendra a very Happy 14th Birthday!!! I hope that you will all drop her a note in my comments section to help her celebrate this special day!
Isn't this just the greatest picture of the two of us? You can tell I am being a typical AIREgirl. Can you see how I am laughing at her??

She is the bestest hooman pup in the world (besides you, Jordan IF you are reading this hee hee).

So I wrote her this little poem: An original poem by Lovely Lillie

Kendra you are the very best.
Your loving me is second best.
I know you call me a little pest.
but I love you so.
You take me out to go potty.
You tell mom on me when I am naughty.
You love me no matter what I do.
I will always love you!

We love you Kendra! Mom told me that I can't share with you what we got her for her birthday so we don't ruin the suprise. We are having a party on Sunday and I can't wait! I hope that I get some CAKE!
Thanks for helping me make Kendra's birthday a memorable one! MUAH!
Lillie Valentine

Monday, September 3, 2007

End of Summer (Long post)

IAugust has been a really busy month! I have been able to partake in a few events, but my hoomans have also left me home for some events for which I got VERY mad!! One event they did take me to was "Avalanche Ranch" "Avalanche Ranch" was a wild west bible adventure at my hooman's church. They do this thing every year called vacashun bible school and this years theme was a ranch, and no ranch would be complete without an Airedale!! So, mom brought me a couple nights and I got to play with a bunch of hooman pups and I got SO much attenshun that it was the GREATESTEST ranch ever. I met this horse, his name was Star. You can't tell it, but he is 26 years old! He was really nice to me. We got along really well. He left me these nummy treats called "horse apples". They were the bestest snack ever. I didn't know that he would personally give me this treat. I wish I could have boxed a bunch up and send them to Miss Sunshade because I know she would have LOVED these special apples.
I had alot of fun talking to Star. We had alot in common. We both like to smell butts. We both like hay. I got to try hay and it tasted, hay and it wasn't too bad.
Hear are some more pictures of my bestest new friend, Star!

I was really hot on the ranch because the weather was HOT and my fur is shaggy! I need a haircut and mom told me to be patient, it would be coming that weekend. I could have played both the ranch hand dog and a sheep!
You can see in this next picture what a great help I was. Here I am helping Anson (the guy in the cool hat) get Star ready for horse back rides for the kids.
Well, I really did like Star. He and I got along so well. There were these sheepies there too and I did NOT like them! They liked me but I didn't like them!
Mom will tell you that I rarely bark....Only if I have to go outside to got potty, and once in awhile if I think someone is coming in our house, but I really don't bark as much as Mr. Whiskers. Anyway, I barked at these guys ALOT. I had alot to say to them. Like.....get out of my face, and there isn't enough room on this ranch for me and you!So after all this ranching and fun with the kids, my hoomans go and leave me. It was a cruddy weekend, and they were going to go to this renasonce festival, whatever that is, but the weather was rainy so they took off to the Mall of America to do some school shopping. They left me and Mr. Whiskers home alone and luckily grandma came over and let me out to go pee or I might have peed right no that floor.

Mom and dad and the pups went to Underwater World which is inside the MOA and look at what they saw. They saw this biggest shark thing and I am glad it is only a picture because I think it looks like it could come right out and bitest me. So the nextest day I was supposed to go here to get my hair cut but the lady called in sick so I had to wait a week. And that weekend was badest too because on Saturday they left me and Mr. Whiskers home again, and grandma came over to let us out so we didn't go pee on the floor. The pups and the hooman big ones went to Valley Fair. Mom rode two roller coasters and so did the littlest hooman pup.
So on Sunday, after the hoomans had spent the day at Valley Fair the day before, they take me to Pet Smart. I am thinking its because I deserve a nice treat for being left home alone, but NO. They trickied me. I was getting my hair cut. "See you in a couple hours" they told me.
After the haircut, mom did let me do a little of shopping on my own. Its about time I say. I have been a good girl and all you do is run around.
So I looked at the toys, and the treats, and she must have been feeling bad because she got me a collar, toys AND a treat!
Here I am paying for my stuff. The lady behind the counter had dove jerky. It was really good. She told Jordan hooman pup he could try it to if he wanted but he said "ICK"!
Finally we got everything we needed so I could go home and play and eat my treats.Dad was out at grandmas cutting lawn. I like to go there so we went out there because I can run everywhere off my lead. No leash for me out there. Just RUN-RUN-RUN!
Don't I look bootuful in my new hair cut? I feel so much cooler too.
I just took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. I had had such a busy day.

Now, you all know what a good girl I can be, but you also know how lonely we all get when our hoomans leave us and that made me really mad. Mom almost made me post a for sale sign because I did this to something of hers and something of my dads. I am glad that they decided to keep me, because I could have been thrown out on my be-hind.

I tried to eat moms glasses. She couldn't even take me to get my haircut because she couldn't see. Dad had to drive us around. Needless to say, mom had to get a new pair of glasses!
I also got ahold of my dad's NEW MN gophers hat. I must say it really didn't taste very good. So, that is what I've been up to these last few weeks. As you can see I have been busy being left alone and doing lots of fun things. I'm glad that you all stopped by and checked on us.
Love ya lots!
Lillie Valentine