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Monday, March 26, 2007

My mom got a pressie! Can you guess from who?

The post lady brought mom a special package today. I wasn't sure at first who it was from......
Mom let me sniff the package, even though it had her name on it. I sniffed, and sniffed, and sniffed. Then I realized WHO this package was from. It was from Miss Sunshade and her mum Elaine, and of course, that cute little Jaffa. The hooman pups went crazy. They wanted mom to hurry up!
But, NO mom couldn't hurry up. She had to be EVIL. She had to get the stoopid camera out and take some pictures. She had to HOG the pooter and hack my blog to write about this gift.

Look at the cute address label from Miss Sunshade. I am going to have to get some cute labels for MY address when I send stuff to my friends.

Mom got this REALLY nice card from Miss Elaine. It made mom all teary eyed. Mom gets so sentimental. Mom said that Elaine, Sunshade, and Jaffa are very special. She doesn't have to tell me that. I KNOW how special they are. Airedale's are SMART!

One of the gifts was this bandanna for Daisie. Isn't it bootiful? Butchy and Snicker's mom made it. I think it is really special. Mom let me try it on. I looked really cute in it. Mom said if I am a good girl she may let me wear it. Mom has a few special things of Daisie's that she may put in a shadow box. She would put it in with the ceramic paw print that they made of Daisie
paw so we never forget her.

There was also this AWESOME Airedale billfold. Isn't that just cute? Look at the Airedale next to the motorcycle! How did Elaine and Miss Sunshade know that mom likes motorcycles too?

Mom here: thank-You, thank-You, THANK-YOU Miss Sunshade, Jaffa and Elaine for the wonderful birthday wishes and gifts. You guys are so sweet, and we love you!! We are so grateful to be your friends! Since I was so nice and let mom help me with this blog post, she agreed to post a picture of me. Thanks for stopping by!
Lillie Valentine

Friday, March 23, 2007

My half birfday- I'm 6 months old today!

My mom has been home the last couple of days- she took time off from her "regular" job to work at her shop. So she's home more (YAY!) and I get computer time. Although she goes to the shop and leaves me and Mr. Whiskers home alone. That's alright- at least I get some computer time. In honor of my half birfday, I thought I'd go through some of my pictures of me growing up. As you will see, I've changed ALOT. The other reason why I thought I'd share some older pictures of you is because mom's batteries fell out of her camera so she couldn't take any "new" pictures of me, and she promised me I could post again today! So here we go.....a trip down memory lane. Please note, that when mom got me, she was really busy taking care of Angel Daisie. She was getting sicker and sicker. That is the reason why there aren't any really early pictures of me. The other reason why is alot of my really early pictures are WITH Angel Daisie, and it makes mom and the hooman pups sad to see her so I had to be careful. I know someday mom will share with you some of those pictures, as soon as the time is right! So here is a picture of me, sleeping (which I rarely do now unless its at night). Mom put me on the couch, and one of the hooman pups left their bracelet on the couch. I nuzzled right up to it, making it go right over MY muzzle, and went to sleep. Mom thought it was funny, and CUTE!
The next picture is me on my mom's bed. It would have been right after she brought me home from Jeff's. Jeff is the hooman that owns my mom and dad, Ted and Roxy. Someday mom said she is going to take me out to visit them! My brother also lives there, but I don't know what Jeff named him.

This next photo is one that mom took while trying to decide what she was going to do for the Christmas Card exchange. She ended up taking a picture of Angel Daisie, me and the hooman pups for the card. Then Daisie went to be with the big doG in heaven.
This is a photo from my don't look at me it was the dog blog. I like it, because I think it shows me looking incredibly cute, and of course, innocent! O-K, maybe not all that innocent, but REALLY cute!
Remember my ear gluing experience? I wanted to add a picture of me BEFORE that horrible experience! Here I am riding in the car, little do I know what is in store for me!
The next picture is of me, and my glued hair do. I tell you, us Airedale's will do ANYTHING to be bootiful. While at the time, I didn't care to be glued, I am glad that my mom did that to my ears since it makes me look so much cuter.
We didn't get alot of snow this year, but when we got it, WE GOT IT!! We had two snow storms in ONE week! I luved playing in the snow. I just wish that I would have had more time to enjoy it. It seemed like it was here one day and gone the next. Now our yard is all muddy and mucky and mom is constantly wiping my feet.
As you all know, and probably remember, I was really good at getting into trouble with my teef. I am glad to tell you that since my last surgery all my big dog teef are in, and I am being very good at not eating things I am not supposed to (mom here: yeah, right, Lillie. You are eating shoes like mad. I don't even have a good pair to wear anymore. It doesn't matter if I put them in the closet or not- someone will leave the closet door open and you go and help yourself!) This picture is of me, and my Vet, Dr. Jennifer. She takes REALLY good care of me. AND she is SO nice!!! I just love her. (mom here: and we own half of her veterinary clinic HAHA)
Did I mention that Jordan and I just LUV Nascar? We watch the races on Sunday afternoons. It is a good time for me to bond with him. Sometimes I am rough with him though- I don't know when to stop playing, and he gets rough with me too. Sometimes mom puts us in time out. She sends us to our room.
I luv to lay on my hooman's beds. Here I was helping supervise Jordan's room cleaning. I had just gotten groomed. I am looking much bigger, aren't I?
An original Airedale pose- head tilt and all!
Mom took this picture of me in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and HER 11th celebration of her 29th birfday. (whatever that means) I am modeling a classy St. Patrick's Day bandanna. Mom says I am getting bigger every day. People ask her when I will stop growing. But I am still a Pup! I hope that you enjoyed looking at all my pictures today, and until next time.....I gotta go check if there are any dishes in the sink that need to be washed, or if any of mom's counters need cleaning!
Lillie Valentine

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"I'm BAD!!" (not really!)

Since mom can only seem to focus on the things that I do that are "BAD", I thought I would focus on all the GOOD things I can do. Take this photo, for instance. I am good at guarding the refrigerator. No one is going to get past me! Plus, if they open the door to the fridge I will gladly inspect any kind of food OR beverage before they decide to eat or drink it! After all, it needs to be safe, doesn't it?

Other things that I am really good at:
  • Inspecting the dishes that are left in the sink. You know, someone has to make sure they are clean! If they aren't clean, I'll gladly assist in the washing, too.
  • Cleaning off the counters. Two paws up and swoosh, swoosh. WALLA! Counter clean! (mom: and now I have to clean the floor!) This also includes the kitchen table, stove, and bathroom counter. I'm helpful in any room!
  • Bugging Whiskers- need I say more? He loves it when I bug him. He's my brother! (Mr. Whiskers here- yeah right- I think Sunshade, Joey, and I could send Doofus, Stinky and Lillie MONSTER on vacation together- one way ticket, right?)
  • Running away when mom says "come". Especially when I'm outside.
  • Playing with Kendra and Jordan's stuffed animals. (mom: yeah, remember what you did to Sponge Bob?)
  • Stealing ANYTHING you have and darting off quickly.
  • Eating shoes. YUM. Shoes is my FAV food group.
  • Hogging the bed, couch, or floor. Did I mention hogging the bed?
  • Stealing food (Mom said its nice to share).

But best of all, I am GREAT at LOVING my hoomans! All of them- mom, dad, Kendra & Jordan. Mom took this picture of me, and if you can tell by my expression, I was in BIG trouble. I took a chip dip container out of the kitchen sink. I'd like to know what I did wrong? Those stoopid hoomans left chip dip in it. You can't waste chip dip, can you? After that, I tried to give mom a kiss but she'd have none of it- she said I was stinky like garlic.
Look at THIS picture. Do I really look like a BAD girl? Look at MY face, I am SO cute. WHO in the WorLd would get mad at that face? MOM?????????????????????

Thanks for stopping by and checking on me!

Lillie Valentine- MUAH-

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's St. Patrick's day, and everyone can feel just a little Irish- Even me! Check out my cool bandanna- it matches my boyfriend Tanner's! Bark if you're Irish!

Here are some random pictures of me at obedience school. Kendra is my trainer. Mom wants me to learn to obey Kendra, too. Plus it gives us some time to be alone together and have fun.

This is my pal Rusty. I met him at School. He is a mind golden doodle. He is very fluffy and soft. Isn't he cute?

Thanks to everyone who stopped by today! I have to go.....I have a St. Patrick's Day party to go to. My mom is celebrating a very special birthday today. She said something about it being the 11th celebration of her 29th birthday!! Does anyone know what that means? If you do, I'd really like you to explain it to her. She seems very confused. Could she be getting OLD? Why would anyone want to celebrate their 29th birthday 11 times? Have a GREAT day! MUAH!
Lillie O'Valentine

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Snow, snow, and more SNOW!!!!!

Hellow!!!!!!!!!! I'm back. Sorry that its been so long since I updated. Last weekend we were in a winter storm warning and it SnOwEd!! LOTs of SnOw! On Sunday morning, this is what mom and I woke up to when she went to take me outside. There was so much snow I could only go to the sidewalk under the porch until someone cleared a path for me. The snow total came to about 14". The hooman pups were so excited.

Here is a picture of me and Mr. Whiskers. This was taken AFTER our driveway was blown out with the snow blower. Dad doesn't have a snow blower, but the neighbor guy felt sorry for him that he'd have to shovel, so he came over with his snow blower and blew us out. Mom came out with the camera, but she had to be very careful on the ice. You see, Saturday, she fell down the stairs and twisted her ankle. It got all puffy and she couldn't get her shoe or boot on. She was a really good sport, though. She came out with us (she said if her ankle was going to hurt in the house, then it may as well hurt outside) and take some pictures.
The hooman pups wanted to slide, so they started to make a snow hill in the front yard. Since dad left his truck outside all night, the snow accumulated in the truck bed. They used the snow in the truck bed to start their hill. The hooman pups worked really hard to perfect the snow hill. They kept getting snow from everywhere to make it taller and taller. They were packing the snow down. It didn't take long and the other hooman pups in our neighborhood were over. As you can see, I was the supervisor for the entire operation. I had my coat and boots on, however, when I went to inspect the hill to make sure it was in proper order for sledding, I lost a boot. Mom says we'll have to wait until Spring to find it. I told her that I didn't mind wearing only three boots.

SnOw StOrM nuMbEr 2

While we were having our first snow storm of the year, the weatherman was saying another storm would be coming to our area later in the week. This one was set to hit on Wednesday evening and we would be in a storm warning from Wednesday at 6:00 p.m until 6:00 on Friday. The hOoman puPs were excited that they may get out of school. It started snowing Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning some schools were closing, but not the HooMan puPs schools. Thursday morning I went out to supervise Jordan at the bus stop, and it was snowing..... Jordan wanted a two hour late start, but by noon the School's in our area decided on letting out early. It continued to snow and snow and snow some more. When the pups went to bed on Thursday the news said a two hour late start. Dad got an early start on the drive, and when we woke up on Friday there was about 6" of snow. The news said that the hooman pups' school was closed. BUT mom and dad had to go to work. (Mom wanted to stay home with the pups). It snowed ALL DAY on Friday!! When mom came home from work everypup went outside. Of course, she went CrAzY with the camera! Here is a picture of me trying to climb up the hooman's snow hill. I am KiNg oF thE HiLl (or should i say QuEeN) Tanner, will you be mY king?
The snow was packed really well so I could stand up here without falling in. It was about to mom's waist. This tree tastes.....well.....uMm....interesting. (Watch the teeth, Lillie!)I tried to be compliant with mom's picture taking, but I really didn't care. I wanted to play and not have to sit still. A couple times I got away on mom and ran over to the neighbor guy who I thought needed some loving from an Airedale Pup. Once I ran around to the back of the house but the evil kids caught me. HMPH! I really like the snow. I don't care HOW deep it is. I jump and run, and play. I get it all over me and get all wet then go inside and make a BIG mess!! HAHAHAHAHA! That's all for now. Here's a picture of me and the pups. We are in the snow bank. Thanks for stopping by!
LUV YA! Lillie V