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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Too pooped to Pawty

I am sorry that I haven't been blogging lately. Mom has been busy taking care of the hooman pups. They both have developed some nasty colds. The boy human pup was really sick. He is better now, and its a good thing that our mom is a nurse cuz she knew exactly what to do.
Here are a few pictures of me from the pawty. As you can see, I slept part of the time, and the other part of the time I just hung out with everyone. I had a lot of fun, and there were lots of people at the pawty that would pet me. Granny was there and she really likes me. I always like it when Granny is here.

This is a picture of the pinata. Mom filled it with all sorts of goodies, and the hooman pups hit it with this stick to try and break it open. They had a lot of fun. I did, too. While they were busy trying to break open the pinata, I was busy in the kitchen helping clean off the table.
This is the GREAT gift that Jordan got from Miss Sunshade the Superdeeduperdale, and her mum, Elaine! (that's your name now from Jordan! He thinks anyone that gives him Nascar gifts is the GREATEST. THANK-YOU! MUACH from Jordan!!)
He also got the "Cars" movie, a Nascar calendar, and the movie "Barnyard" You dogs need to check that movie out!! We could really learn something from them farm animals. They know how to pawty. Even more than the hoomans. Watch it and see!
Jordan was so lucky, I hope that when its time for my birthday, I get two cakes. I showed you the cake mom made for Jordan with the "cars" theme. He got this cake for the pawty we had with our family. There were three grandmas, an Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, along with our family at this pawty. It was really fun. Mom made Jordan homemade pizza. It smelled so good. Mom wouldn't let me have any, though. She told our guests that I have a sensitive stomach (whatever, mom!) But, she did give me a piece of this.....
I was busy begging from dad, and he wasn't going to share (obviously, look at him!) so, I went over by mom and she gave me a small taste of the cake. When she turned her back (and her cake was on the table....hee hee you know what happened next) I had a bigger bite!
I hope that when its my birthday that mom will decorate like she did for Jordan's party. Jordan got these funny round things....
They were really fun to play with. I even got to pop one. Ooops sorry, Jordan!
Mom put up this happy birthday banner from "cars".
It was a great party, everyone had fun, and I was really pooped when it was all over with!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Lillie V.


The Airechicks said...


Sorry some of the pack aren't feeling need to rest up..cause you know when they fell better ....PAWTY PAWTY...

Jorden got some really good gifts..NASCAR..Our Mom has been to some of those & truck.. The speedway is pretty close to our house.....

Look like a fun pawty.....

You look so cute in your pics...

Boo Casanova said...

oh lillie,

your hooman brother love cars!! i can't believe so many cars! everything seems to be associated with cars! cars! and more cars!

well, you seem to enjoy yourself so much.

btw, i think tanner is asking for too much on the first date!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Hey Lillie, Woh that looks like a really great pawty. Wonderful that you had some yummy cake. Happy Belated birthday to Your hooman brother. :)
I'm sure your Birthday will be just as fun

~ fufu

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, looks like Jordan had a col birthday. What a lucky boy.

Glad you enjoyed your cake!

Oscar x

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! Looks like you got some really nice gifts and your mom really knows how to throw a superduper pawty! I'm glad you snuck that extra piece of cake Lillie! Good goin'!

Love ya lots,

DogMom said...

Opie really likes pawties with people... but me, not so much. I'd rather just watch from a distance - Gomer.
But dogmom gave us our own party at Top Dog Country Club. It was the bestest time! You can see us here... we were even in the newspaper!