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Thursday, November 30, 2006

"The Crate"

There is this thing we keep in the kitchen. Mom calls it a crate. I call it a jail. I don't like this crate/jail whatever you want to call it at all. I keep trying to get rid of it and mom keeps putting it back in the kitchen.

When mom and dad go off to work, and after Jordan gets on the bus to go to school I am left alone with Kendra until she goes to school. When she gets ready to leave, she captures me and puts me in that thing. She tells me to quiet down, because I start to put up a fuss. They put me in this so I don't get into trouble. Now, I ask you this, why would, moi get into trouble? They give me a nice cushy blanket to lay on (big deal) and toys to play with, but I DO NOT LIKE THIS JAIL!!! I think I'll write a letter to the Airedale Terrier Association. This is not right!

So, I start my sad crying get me outa here business. But Kendra doesn't care. Oh, no she just goes about her business and off to the bus stop she goes. One day I heard Kendra tell mom she could hear me out at the bus stop! So I have been trying to escape this jail. Yesterday when Kendra came home after school, she found my jail, with me in it, mind you, across the kitchen floor! I was trying really hard to escape but I haven't figured out how yet. Mom tells me when I get bigger maybe she will let me run free in the house like Whiskers does, but until then I have to be in jail uhm the crate when noone is home. Life is so unfair!


The Airechicks said...


Doing your time might seem less stressful if you can talk Mom into getting you a couple of KONGS from the wonderful store that has everything for fur babies. Please ask Mom to get you two KONGS - some peanut butter - Jiffy Crunchy is the best - some carrots and any other treat you might really enjoy.. Stuff to KONGS with all the goodies and put into the freezer and when Kendra leaves for the stop she can put a KONG in with you and you'll be too busy to notice she's gone and you're alone...Might also need a small pail of water... the peanut butter might make your thristy...This helped my Airedale Elvis when he was doing time...Two so Mom always has a KONG ready to go.

Love, Hugs & Belly Rubs..

Sherry - Lita - Trish

The Airedale Chicks

Myeo said...

Err Lillie, Maybe u try giving her those big doll eyes & maybe she will give in hehe.

Boy n Baby

Boo Casanova said...

hey lillie,

i tell ya, when i first came into my new home, the hooman put me in one of those too. but i behave nicely and guess what? i was outta the jail in 4 weeks later! yipee! i continue to behave (well, since i was small and young and naive not to touch anything), i was allowed to roam the house all by myself now.

so, i think this jail thing is temporary. when you grow older and the hooman start to trust you, you'll be outta the jail in no time.

hang in there buddy!

wet wet licks


Boo Casanova said...

hey lillie and family,

have u check out the dogs with blogs' tribute to angel Daisie and created The Daisie Chain's page for all doggie in the rainbow bridge?

here's the link:

wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

Oh WOOOOW!!! Crate across the kitchen?? What a determined little girl you are, I LIKE IT!! I don't think I was THAT determined back then..... can't wait 'til you grow up!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

chiyo said...

oh lillie! would a playpen be more spacious than a crate? i have to stay in a playpen during the day when the folks are gone too, but like sherry said, a few food-stuffed kongs did help me get used to the playpen at first. now i just sleep through the day anyway so it doesn't matter. don't hurt yourself by banging against the sides of the jail ok? :)