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Monday, September 3, 2007

End of Summer (Long post)

IAugust has been a really busy month! I have been able to partake in a few events, but my hoomans have also left me home for some events for which I got VERY mad!! One event they did take me to was "Avalanche Ranch" "Avalanche Ranch" was a wild west bible adventure at my hooman's church. They do this thing every year called vacashun bible school and this years theme was a ranch, and no ranch would be complete without an Airedale!! So, mom brought me a couple nights and I got to play with a bunch of hooman pups and I got SO much attenshun that it was the GREATESTEST ranch ever. I met this horse, his name was Star. You can't tell it, but he is 26 years old! He was really nice to me. We got along really well. He left me these nummy treats called "horse apples". They were the bestest snack ever. I didn't know that he would personally give me this treat. I wish I could have boxed a bunch up and send them to Miss Sunshade because I know she would have LOVED these special apples.
I had alot of fun talking to Star. We had alot in common. We both like to smell butts. We both like hay. I got to try hay and it tasted, hay and it wasn't too bad.
Hear are some more pictures of my bestest new friend, Star!

I was really hot on the ranch because the weather was HOT and my fur is shaggy! I need a haircut and mom told me to be patient, it would be coming that weekend. I could have played both the ranch hand dog and a sheep!
You can see in this next picture what a great help I was. Here I am helping Anson (the guy in the cool hat) get Star ready for horse back rides for the kids.
Well, I really did like Star. He and I got along so well. There were these sheepies there too and I did NOT like them! They liked me but I didn't like them!
Mom will tell you that I rarely bark....Only if I have to go outside to got potty, and once in awhile if I think someone is coming in our house, but I really don't bark as much as Mr. Whiskers. Anyway, I barked at these guys ALOT. I had alot to say to them. Like.....get out of my face, and there isn't enough room on this ranch for me and you!So after all this ranching and fun with the kids, my hoomans go and leave me. It was a cruddy weekend, and they were going to go to this renasonce festival, whatever that is, but the weather was rainy so they took off to the Mall of America to do some school shopping. They left me and Mr. Whiskers home alone and luckily grandma came over and let me out to go pee or I might have peed right no that floor.

Mom and dad and the pups went to Underwater World which is inside the MOA and look at what they saw. They saw this biggest shark thing and I am glad it is only a picture because I think it looks like it could come right out and bitest me. So the nextest day I was supposed to go here to get my hair cut but the lady called in sick so I had to wait a week. And that weekend was badest too because on Saturday they left me and Mr. Whiskers home again, and grandma came over to let us out so we didn't go pee on the floor. The pups and the hooman big ones went to Valley Fair. Mom rode two roller coasters and so did the littlest hooman pup.
So on Sunday, after the hoomans had spent the day at Valley Fair the day before, they take me to Pet Smart. I am thinking its because I deserve a nice treat for being left home alone, but NO. They trickied me. I was getting my hair cut. "See you in a couple hours" they told me.
After the haircut, mom did let me do a little of shopping on my own. Its about time I say. I have been a good girl and all you do is run around.
So I looked at the toys, and the treats, and she must have been feeling bad because she got me a collar, toys AND a treat!
Here I am paying for my stuff. The lady behind the counter had dove jerky. It was really good. She told Jordan hooman pup he could try it to if he wanted but he said "ICK"!
Finally we got everything we needed so I could go home and play and eat my treats.Dad was out at grandmas cutting lawn. I like to go there so we went out there because I can run everywhere off my lead. No leash for me out there. Just RUN-RUN-RUN!
Don't I look bootuful in my new hair cut? I feel so much cooler too.
I just took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. I had had such a busy day.

Now, you all know what a good girl I can be, but you also know how lonely we all get when our hoomans leave us and that made me really mad. Mom almost made me post a for sale sign because I did this to something of hers and something of my dads. I am glad that they decided to keep me, because I could have been thrown out on my be-hind.

I tried to eat moms glasses. She couldn't even take me to get my haircut because she couldn't see. Dad had to drive us around. Needless to say, mom had to get a new pair of glasses!
I also got ahold of my dad's NEW MN gophers hat. I must say it really didn't taste very good. So, that is what I've been up to these last few weeks. As you can see I have been busy being left alone and doing lots of fun things. I'm glad that you all stopped by and checked on us.
Love ya lots!
Lillie Valentine


Maggie & Mitch said...

Hi Lillie! I never had a horsey friend! You're very lucky!
I love your haircut! It looks beautiful and I see you like pink too!

Love ya lots,

Faya said...

Lillie you are a real, typical airedale !!!! You are just great ! Kisses, Faya

Joe Stains said...

hi lillie. This is Joey but tanner INSISTS on making me ask you if you made sure to tell STAR that you were married. He also said you look very beautiful with your new haircut. AND he also told me to tell you that he ate 2 pairs of glasses at his grandparent's house AND he has eaten 2 hats at our house so far.

you two really are meant for each other.

Stanley said...

You are very brave, Lillie, to befriend that horsey boy! You two look like peas and carrots.

What Joey says is true. You and Tanner ARE made for each other!

Goober love,

Pee Ess
Mind if I link to you?

Sunshade said...

OH my doGsh Lillie!!! You are sooooo good around a horsie!! I think I would try to make Star mad if I were there, just like how I make those miniature horsies really mad and they run the fence to try to kick me!

Hey, thanks for thinking of me when you were enjoying the fresh "horsie apples", yes you are right, I would have LOVED them - both to eat, and roll on..hehe! See if you can get any dehydrated ones so you can send them to me ok??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade